Critiques of Pseudo-Archaeologists Appealing to Many Evangelical Christians

PaleoBabble readers know that I haven’t had positive things to say about the work of pseudo-archaeologists like Ron Wyatt and Robert Cornuke. The Bible Places blog recently posted some critiques of the latter. I think readers will find it informative and useful. (And for those wondering, I wouldn’t be in lock-step with points of the critique, though I agree that Wyatt and Cornuke ought to be ignored since they both fail to provide their “findings” to scholars for peer review, and at times fabricate findings). Real archaeologists (and I know a good number of them personally) within the evangelical community don’t embrace Wyatt and Cornuke. They only impress the non-specialists who are interested in the Bible and archaeology.

Ancient Aliens and Pseudo-Academics

I invite you all to read Jason Colavito’s short post entitled, “Ancient Aliens and Credential Inflation.” Claiming false credentials is irritating to an academic, like myself (and as those who know me know, I have a healthy disdain for the snobbery of the academy — but I like lying even less). It’s just so disingenuous. The ancient astronaut crowd is infamous for criticizing mainstream scholars (just read the comments section of this blog!), and yet its most visible proponents want to pass themselves off as possessing graduate degrees and other credentials, the baptism of the mainstream. Pure hypocrisy, with intent to manipulate the audience.