Scholarly Papers on 1 Enoch Available For Free

Hey book of Enoch fans …

This link from the Ancient World Online (AWOL) will take you to a few dozen SBL (Society of Biblical Literature) seminar papers that have been made available for free. There were several academic papers on 1 Enoch that caught my eye:

Annette Yoshiko Reed, McMaster University Beyond Revealed Wisdom and Apocalyptic Epistemology: The Redeployment of Enochic Traditions about Knowledge in Early Christianity

Leslie Baynes, Missouri State University Enoch, the Angels, and Heavenly Books

Rebecca Lesses, Ithaca College Women, Magic, and the History of 1 Enoch

Off to the Annual Scholarly Conferences!

I leave tomorrow for the east coast – specifically, Providence, RI, for the annual meeting of the Evangelical Theological Society (ETS) and the Near East Archaeological Society (NEAS). Those conferences are followed by that of IBR (Institute for Biblical Research), ASOR (American Schools of Oriental Research), and the big one, the Society of Biblical Literature (SBL). If you want an idea of what goes on at these sorts of meetings, you can check out the ETS program and search the SBL online program.

I hope to get some pictures for the blog and to blog about some of the sessions (including my own).