Ancient Aliens Malpractice

Jason Colavito just posted a review of the Ancient Aliens episode “Alien Operations.” As usual, the review is informed and insightful, while the episode was disturbingly dumb –another ode to incoherence. My favorite paragraph:

Tsoukalos adopts Thomas Aquinas’s argument from first cause to argue that human medical knowledge could not have developed spontaneously because every surgeon alive today learns from previous surgeons who learned from previous surgeons; therefore, invention is impossible and only aliens could have been the first cause. The idea of gradual evolution is for him inconceivable; a discipline must exist as an unchanging, complete whole or it cannot exist at all. This is the cultural version of the creationist staple about what good half an eye is. How then does he explain the fact that treatments exist today that did not exist ten years ago, like, say the 3D printing that the show discussed only minutes earlier?



Ancient Surgeons Tutored by Space Aliens?

Interesting story today on Archaeology Daily News about evidence of brain surgery 4,000 years ago. No mention of the use of lasers crafted by aliens (or by the ancients under the instruction of aliens). Does it strike anyone but me as odd that we have to credit aliens with things like moving huge blocks but we don’t jump to that conclusion with things like brain surgery? Maybe they flunked anatomy at the space academy and just took to engineering.