Lengthy Series on Vallee and Aubeck’s Evidence for UFOs in Antiquity

Jason Colavito recently produced a series of posts exposing the poor use of data (and perhaps deliberate deception in that regard) on the part of Jacques Vallee and Chris Aubeck in their book, Wonders in the Sky: Unexplained Aerial Objects from Antiquity to Modern Times. PaleoBabble readers will find the series useful and interesting:

Jacques Vallee’s Deceptive Evidence for Ancient UFOs (Part 1)

Jacques Vallee’s Deceptive Evidence for Ancient UFOs (Part 2)

Jacques Vallee’s Deceptive Evidence for Ancient UFOs (Part 3)

Even More of Vallee’s Ancient UFO Deception

Back in 2011 on my UFO Religions blog I also wrote a lengthy review of this book, which Jason aptly calls Jacques Vallee’s version of an ancient astronaut book. I agree with Jason that much (all?) of the evidence drawing on ancient texts is the result of misinterpretation or wishful thinking. The criteria of the authors for weeding out certain accounts is poorly applied to material they elsewhere embrace.

Heads Up on PaleoBabble 2013 and Stats

Just a few notes.

I usually post statistics for the year on Jan 1, but I can’t do that (for the blogs anyway) this year, since my last wordpress upgrade destroyed my statistics plug in. I’m trying to get a new one in place (still). Now wordpress tells me I need to upgrade AGAIN to get any new plugin to work. So…

I will be upgrading this blog sometime in the middle of January. That means it may go down again, if recent history holds (the last two upgrades have nearly destroyed the site). I’ll be taking plenty of time to get backups in place before the upgrade. Even if I have to re-install the whole thing, I should be fine.  So, be aware of all this.

The above will also allow me to install some new security for the site. My host tells me there have been repeated hacking attempts on this blog. Probably another open-minded fundamentalist Sitchinite.

Statistically, all I can share of relevance for this audience is that my homepage and my Zecharia Sitchin website have continued to rise in traffic.  The stats are below. Thanks to all who visit and read!

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First Century Jewish-Christian Texts Found in Jordan?

[UPDATE: Here is a new link on this story; posted 3/30/2011.  It contained the pictures below that I have now added to the original post.]

[UPDATE #2: Here is a paper on the “Mount Zion Cup” alluded to in some of the discussions of these new tablets as having an analogous cryptic script by epigrapher Stephen Pfann.]

This link leads to a press release entitled, “Secret Hoard of Ancient Sealed Books Found in Jordan.”  It’s worth a read for sure. Kudos to Kim West and James McGrath.

I’d heard this report about a week ago, and my advice is still the same:  let’s wait and see. The press release notes that the texts (which on on lead plates) were found in Jordan and the context is Jewish-messianic. As a result, speculation abounds that these texts (if authentic) might be the earliest Christian texts ever found, as preliminary indications point to a first century AD/CE date.Unless it’s Paleobabble. That is a legitimate fear in the wake of the archaeological forgery trials of recent times in Israel. Hopefully the material is real and can solve some mysteries about early Jewish-Christian thinking (at least for some sect).

Note as you read that there are a number of references to some of the texts being written in “code.” This refers to what is known as “cryptic script.” Some Dead Sea Scrolls were written in this script (and yes, they’ve been published — sorry, no conspiracies). I have a friend who lives in Israel who is an expert in these sorts of texts, so I’m hoping he will at some point be involved in the find.  His opinion would be thoughtful and trustworthy. Stay tuned!