1 Samuel 13:1 – The Matter of Missing Words in the Bible

| July 31, 2008

1 Samuel 13:1 is sort of a classic OT textual criticism problem.  The United Bible Society’s Handbook for Translators of 1 Samuel describes the problem this way:1 This verse follows the standard formula for introducing kings of Israel (and later also of Judah) in the books of Samuel, Kings, and Chronicles. But this verse contains […]

The Naked Bible’s Thoughts on Inspiration, Part 5 – Which Edition of the Book of Jeremiah Originated with God but not the Human Writers?

| July 28, 2008

It’s been pretty quiet at The Naked Bible. The last post on the multiple editions of Joshua didn’t get much of a response. It’s made me wonder about posting more edition “problems” — especially this one — but I promised. Again, the issue of the biblical books being edited during and after the exile is […]

The Naked Bible’s Thoughts on Inspiration, Part 4 – Which Edition of the Book of Joshua Originated with God but not the Human Writers?

| July 23, 2008

My focus for this post is Joshua 8:30-35. For centuries scholars have considered the placement of Joshua 8:30-35 to be a odd problem in that book. The reason is that it is completely out of place (or so it seems) with the campaigns of Joshua. In Joshua 5 the new generation of Israelites are circumcised, […]

Peter Enns is (Officially) History at Westminster Seminary

| July 23, 2008

Just saw the announcement on the WTS website. The accouncement reads: The administration and Prof. Peter Enns wish to announce that they have arrived at mutually agreeable terms, and that, as of 1 August, 2008, Prof. Enns will discontinue his service to Westminster Theological Seminary after fourteen years. The administration wishes to acknowledge the valued […]

Tentative ETS Schedule is Out

| July 23, 2008

For those thinking of attending the annual meeting of the Evangelical Theological Society (ETS) this November in Providence, RI, the tentative schedule has been released. I will be moderating the new Israelite Religions section, and reading a paper in the section as well. Here’s the schedule of that section: Wed., November 19 Rhode Island Convention […]