“Solomonic” Wall Discovered in Jerusalem

| February 23, 2010

You may have already heard about archaeologist Eilat Mazar’s work in Jerusalem. She has found some massive walls and structures that appear to date securely to the 10th century BC — Solomon’s era.† You can read a summary of the story here, and take a look at her (Mazar’s) previous publication on the matter here. […]

Bible Study Magazine Interactive

| February 23, 2010

Some sweet interactive material from our magazine — check it out!

Walton and Van Wolde: Hebrew Bara’ Does Not Mean “To Create”

| February 22, 2010

John Hobbins has a helpful post offering links to the critiques of the thesis of Ellen Van Wolde that Hebrew bara’ does not mean “create”.† John Walton’s recent book The Lost World of Genesis 1, positively reviewed by me here and (soon) in print, has popularized this view.† As I noted in my review, I […]

Review of New Ugaritic Grammar

| February 22, 2010

Here’s the review. I agree with Karyn, too. I have this grammar (bought it last year at SBL). It’s terrific. I’m actually entertaining the thought of offering an online Ugaritic class with it for those who have completed my first year Hebrew course (now in progress) and who have a strong grasp of the material, […]

The Mind-Body Problem: Summarizing the Tough Issues

| February 21, 2010

Well, I’m less than a week away from our regional ETS meeting in Tacoma. The topic, of course, crafted by yours truly, is the mind-body problem. It’s been a while since I posted about the positions people take on the question of whether humans truly have an immaterial component that survives the body upon death. […]