Mark Goodacre Podcasts on the Synoptic Problem

Posted By on February 9, 2010

Check out Mark’s podcasts on this notorious and fascinating issue.† One is an overview of the synoptic problem; the other is on the question of Marcan priority.

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7 Responses to “Mark Goodacre Podcasts on the Synoptic Problem”

  1. blop2008 says:

    That’s a good summary.

    Most likely, indeed, Mark is the first gospel to have been written especially due to its inclusions of special stories in it not found in Mat and Luk, and the fact that it has the hard readings (mostly).

  2. Jeremy Suess says:

    Goodacre has an earlier podcast on which he disputes Troy Martin’s take on 1st Corinthians 11, and whether covering could be translated as testicle. Dr. Heiser, do you have any thoughts on his refutation?

  3. Thanks for the plug, Mike. There’s one more to come in this series, or just possibly two.

  4. MSH says:

    @Mark Goodacre: good — it’s good stuff to think through.

  5. MSH says:

    @Jeremy Suess: I haven’t seen it – I knew he was reading one (I think at the international SBL last year). I’ll email him about it.

  6. MSH says:

    @Mark Goodacre: Mark- you may also have seen an earlier reply, noting your recent paper on 1 Cor 11 (the testicle reading). Is that being published anywhere? I’d like a copy if it is or if you have one you could send me. Thanks!

  7. florin says:

    The oral style of Mark wasn t argued as being a result of his hearing one of Peter s discourses? His fervour, as was noted in the audio, could be explain through that.

    Then, Mathew, couldn t find anywhere this argument, wasn t he probably the only one of the disciples who could acually read and wrote in order so he could colect taxes?? So, if any of the disciples was suppose to have written a gospel, Mathew was actually the only one who could do it.
    I think the early Fathers of the Church are right in arguing on Mathew priority behalf. But I also think it s possible, that Mathew could be added later lots of details (during greek translations maybe and probably?). I quite think that he is the author of the Hebrew Gospel, but this one we know as Mathew s is slightly different from one we call Mathew Gospel, wich was added other details.

    I also think Thomas was one of the earliest gospels, maybe the oldest of them. But hen again, one major problem, wht is early in it and what is later added – though it s not quite gnostic in itself.

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