Google Earth and Biblical Studies

| April 28, 2010

a pretty sweet combination for biblical geography and archaeology. Check it out. Technorati Tags: archaeology, biblical studies, google earth, technology

Focus on Fornication

| April 21, 2010

I’ll admit up front that I never thought I’d post on this subject, but it was brought to mind recently by a request I had via email to comment on the meaning of “fornication” (Greek: porneia). The question was put in the context of how some Christians have gotten the notion that there is no […]

Evangelical Universalist Reading Group

| April 16, 2010

Ten people have expressed interest, so we’ll start on May 3 — if you’re one of them, you should have received an email about this by now.

Winner of the Hebrew and Greek Bible Giveaway

| April 16, 2010

The winner is Mr. Johnny Cisneros. I received a number of interesting offers, but Johnny offered to write a musical jingle for the Naked Bible podcast.† I have bee thinking of turning the content of the blog into podcasts, so this got my attention in a big way. I have a couple of other items […]

Does Higher Criticism Attempt to Destroy the Bible?

| April 15, 2010

This link will lead you to what is actually Part IV of a series of posts over on Scotteriology. I think the discussions are worthwhile, though I may not agree in all respects with the way things are articualted. Granted, I think certain critical approaches lack coherence and are at times circular in reasoning (and […]