On to the Use of the OT in the NT

| September 30, 2010

Hopefully by now you have all read the files I posted to prep for this topic.† If not, you still have a little time before I pick the first passage we’ll look at.† I will be posting excerpts during the discussion from Beale and Carson’s (eds) Commentary on the Use of the OT in the […]

Genesis 1:2 and the “Gap Theory”

| September 28, 2010

Blogging has been a bit tough lately. This post (like everything else I’m working on presently) is overdue. Some have asked for some comments about the validity of the gap theory – the idea that Genesis 1:1 speaks of the initial creation, while Genesis 1:2 describes the destruction of that creation by some evil cataclysmic […]

MEMRA Update

| September 28, 2010

I neglected to post something when the registration deadline for MEMRA expired, but (obviously) it did. For those who might want to go through a Greek and Hebrew grammar with yours truly, the next opportunity to register will be after Thanksgiving. That module will start on January 3.

British Library to put Greek Manuscripts Online

| September 26, 2010

Pretty cool — read about it here. Here are some excerpts: The British Library said Monday that it was making more than a quarter of its 1,000 volume-strong collection of handwritten Greek texts available online free of charge, something curators there hope will be a boon to historians, biblical scholars and students of classical Greece […]

Genesis Lecture at Grace Church in Bellingham

| September 20, 2010

Thought I’d post this, even though the content will be familiar to everyone due to my earlier PowerPoint. This past Wednesday I gave a one hour talk at church on Genesis 1. It was the first of a four-part series. The video is below.† My topic dealt with the issue of the clauses / syntax […]