Genesis Lecture at Grace Church in Bellingham

Posted By on September 20, 2010

Thought I’d post this, even though the content will be familiar to everyone due to my earlier PowerPoint. This past Wednesday I gave a one hour talk at church on Genesis 1. It was the first of a four-part series. The video is below.† My topic dealt with the issue of the clauses / syntax in as much of a user-friendly way that I could manage. I don’t know why it’s “Untitled” — but that’s what you’d need to click on to watch it.

Untitled from Grace Church Bellingham on Vimeo.

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11 Responses to “Genesis Lecture at Grace Church in Bellingham”

  1. blop2008 says:

    A bit more clear than your past video on this. The QA part enlightens further details.

  2. Dax says:

    It is untitled because your behind-the-scenes administrative guy was asleep at the wheel! Sorry, Mike — it is fixed now. Thanks for the clear, biblical approach!

  3. rode says:

    can’t wait for part 2….blessings….

  4. jane8eyre says:

    Ah, well…What am I to think…my poor Eno Brian?!? I am challenging the depths of my currently held views on Genesis, because of this and two other mind bender blenders I am trying to reconcile with some coherancy.

    One, is this site called Yada Yahwey and am reading the first Chapter called Hayah found here… He is blending lots of scientific and spiritual concepts with the texts. I would love to hear a linguist like MH’s analysis.

    The other was this series called Dr.Gerald Schroeder Genesis & The Big Bang Theory…

    Eyre’s One Brain out there somewhere, under construction. I look forward to the rest. *hint*

  5. rode says:

    i wonder what happened to part 2….only parts 1, 3 and 4 are available…

  6. steve says:

    I know this is a little old, but was also wondering if part 2 of the series is available?

  7. legna says:


    even if there were eons of times before the creation, that dosnt prove the evolution theory, dosnt prove that we ”evolved” from nothing-rocks-soup-bacteria-fish-reptiles-monkeys….

    question: 1)what was there before the 6 day creation…

    2)the verse in the beginning God created heaven and earth is not proving God creating time(beginning), space(heaven) and mater(earth)?

    3) what do you think about pre-adamic angelic civilization

    4) what about buildings on mars? maybe angelic civilization? what about orion and pleideis star systems?

    5) what do you think about Jim Wilhemsen’s work

    6) what if the Giants and the sons of the fallen angles in Genesis 6 are two separate groups/ entities?


    • MSH says:

      right – time and evolution are separate things, though the latter needs the former. Now to your questions:

      1. Whatever unformed material there was. Other passage outside Gen 1 speak of God as creator of all things visible and invisible, so he would be responsible for whatever material there was, awaiting his ordering work.
      2. I’m not sure this is a question – reads like a statement.
      3. I don’t believe in a pre-adamic angelic race. There is no scriptural evidence for it. It was an idea invented in the 19th century as part of the effort within Christianity at the time to address certain language in the Bible that suggested there were other humans outside the line of Adam (e.g., Cain’s wife, or how Cain went to the city of Nod – already existing, or how he built a city – couldn’t do that himself). Interestingly, the idea of other humans in an evolutionary chain leading to Adam would amount to a “pre-adamic” race, but not an angelic one. There is a recent (and dense) scholarly book on this whole subject — a history of science work — called “Adam’s Ancestors” (Johns Hopkins University Press). I just got done reading it. Very dense, scholarly reading, but fascinating.
      4. I don’t put any credence in these ideas, though Orion and the Pleiades are of course real.
      5. I like Jim; have spoken to him several times since we were speakers at several conferences. I actually don’t know much about his biblical views (I don’t think the tower of Babel was some sort of portal, though). I am more familiar with his WWII / Nazi occult work, which I thought mostly coherent.
      6. The biblical nephilim and sons of God are two separate groups. Zecharia Sitchin confuses them.

      This really isn’t the blog for these sorts of questions. My other blog (PaleoBabble) is for this sort of stuff, though these questions are naturally related to Gen 1.

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