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Posted By on December 15, 2011

Just wanted to give readers a brief update on the Naked Bible’s two running surveys.

Back in October I opened the competition to the first annual Harold Camping Bunkagesis award. With only a couple weeks to go to the deadline, Harold is running away with his namesake’s hardware. He has 51% of the votes among the four candidates; the others are in the twenties.

In regard to the survey about the future of the Naked Bible. I’ve had a hundred respondents. The input is appreciated – especially the nearly thirty of you who chose to type out suggestions and / or thoughts about the questions. Here is the breadown for the first question, which was in my mind the most important:

The “church” question has actually gained ground in the past week or so, but the written responses to it are overwhelmingly negative. I have to confess that I don’t have much enthusiasm for the idea as well. I have been asked a number of times to do sermon content, so I thought I’d seek a wider reaction to the idea. My feeling is that there is a lot of sermon content on the web and not much of the sort of thing I do. If I am going to commit to a MEMRA second year (and I am) and give the site (and course offerings) an overhaul, and produce a lot of video content for the courses *before* the term begins (which is the plan — already underway), I would have little time for sermons anyway. Podcasting is also going to be a definite go. The plan is to edit the existing content (at least start with that) for podcast delivery (10-12 minute segments). I’ll say more about it in January. I hope to have some completed by February – i.e., have my format down with musical intro included, that sort of thing.

Lastly, the final question about subscriptions was interesting. Just over two-thirds of respondents voted for “probably” or “pretty certain” in regard to $1 a month or something like that. I’m less certain about that than I am the podcasting. The latter seems like a logical next step.

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  1. kennethos says:

    Perhaps something akin to what Richard Pratt does with Third Millennium Ministries, i.e., videos and seminary-level training courses on DVD?

  2. Shaun Swanson says:

    As a Christian podcast connoisseur (3-4 hours a day sometimes) may I suggest you go longer than 12 minutes. Id look at something like Ken Samples podcasts with Reasons to Believe. Closer to 20 minutes. More of a meal than a snack.

    Also, will you have another poll to choose your theme song?

  3. richard brown says:

    Dr. Heiser: Just want to reiterate how valuable you are to me and the many like me, many of whom are anonymous to this point. There is a way that I and they would pay to support the effort. What I would PREFER is the establishment of a virtual 24×7 classroom where we could pose questions, and you could answer them. I would deviate slightly from the typical “forum” format in that the responses from we in “the rabble” might need to be screened or blocked because of the state of technology… the ‘bot programs and phony responses can overwhelm otherwise legitimate questions. there is a way that we could pose, and you could simply choose to respond, and nothing else would get cluttered on the page/forum/blog. wish I could make it easier. merry christmas!

    • MSH says:

      Correct me if I am thinking wrongly here, but this actually sounds like a forum, which I’d eventually neglect due to time constraints. That said, it would not be difficult (WordPress has such plugins) to set up a forum on the Naked Bible site. I’m just not sure I would do better with that than plain old email (at least for the questioner). Any thoughts?

  4. Cory says:

    I’m a bit confused by “overwhelmingly negative” responses to the ‘church’ idea. Maybe it’s semantics and mindset. As a point of fact, I’ve gotten a great deal of spiritual nourishment from your writings, videos and interviews (and others online). And I consider your sessions (such as seen on Vimeo) to be what the content of a “sermon” should really be. Too many sermons are just devotions with very little meat. Also, being rather introverted in some respects, I’m often distracted or just not tuned in sitting in a pew so an online “church” really doesn’t offend me, but makes actual sense to me. Like I said though, maybe it’s a conceptual/traditional thing for people? Whatever you do, if “sermon” had some notion of “watering down” material for Sunday morning style consumption, please don’t ever do that! As your results indicate a podcast would be most welcomed. I’m sure you’ve heard it over and over, but you are one of the very great spiritual resources for people like me to discover on the internet and greatly benefit because of it. I hope whatever forms your ministry may take that it continues to be blessed and would gladly contribute $1 a month to it. (But you could probably squeeze a little more out of me. 😀 )

    • MSH says:

      I hear you (good theology has an emotional / spiritual impact on me, too, and I don’t mentally divorce content from sermons). The comment negativity is quite similar to your “watering down” sentiment, with several “spend the time on what you do now” comments mixed in.

      I’ve been toying with the idea of doing a webinar [geared to “how to do biblical research” or “tools for biblical research” flavor] once a month or every two weeks with access granted only to donation subscribers. It’s expensive, though. Anything over 50 people can be $20-$100 per month! I’m still researching it.

  5. Good morning. Recently while doing some research for a personal bible study, I found an article you wrote regarding the serpent in the Garden of Eden. Your thoughts intrigued me, as they paralleled some of my own (uneducated) thoughts. Thoughts I had set aside as I could not prove them using only my Strong’s. However intrigued, after I read your article I needed to know if you are a credible individual, so in researching this morning I stumbled upon the Naked Bible. I must say I have enjoyed what I have read and find myself bouncing around like a child in a toy store. You have a unique approach to God’s Word. I still have not made up my mind about you. However I will definitely be back. As to doing church, I am a proponent of supporting the local church with my presence and abilities, I wouldn’t want to support anything that takes away from that. I understand that we live in a different time, and we must change to meet people where they are, and that is cyberspace. However you can not touch the hand of a person who is struggling via the computer. Touch and presence are vital. I would hope you would encourage those who follow you to plug in to the local church and stay plugged.

    As to support, if I find you doctrinally sound, I would occasional send support your way. I make a meager living so aside from my tithe, I am careful with when and where I place my offerings.

    I will be watching and checking out MEMRA.

    Very delighted to make your acquaintance. Kelli

  6. Shaun says:

    Would we need a Paypal account to contribute? Or would it just take a credit card?

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