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Posted By on January 30, 2012

Just thought I’d give readers a heads up on some things in which they might have an interest. I’m being interviewed on three shows in the next week or so. I’ve been trying to say no to interviews for the last year, but I got hit with all three requests last week, so I’m taking that as a sign! Two are new to me, so I’m not sure what to expect. They are both Christian shows, so I try to do those when asked (I’m still in single digits with Christian radio shows, so I try to say yes). They are, respectively, Friday (2/3) with Brian Wilson of the Liberty Broadcasting Network, and next Tuesday on Off the Grid Radio (2/7). Both hosts say they want to talk divine council.

The third show is Coast to Coast AM, the world’s most-listened-to late-night talk show (close to five million listeners a night). I’m on this Thursday night. I’ve been on that show many times. It’s always fun and unpredictable. It’s also off-the-charts strange with respect to subject matter on most nights. On Coast you might here anything from a world-renowned theoretical physicist from MIT to someone who believes in a hollow earth. I’ll be trying to inject some sanity into the discussion of “ancient astronauts.” (I was hoping for a show on the recent lead codices hoax, but no dice on that yet; maybe later). If any of you follow my PaleoBabble blog, you know I’m the guy who tries to convince people there is nothing to the “mystery” of ancient alien visitation, along with believing UFOs can be found in the Bible. However, I’ve been on Coast before for topics like the Bible Code, the Jesus Tomb, the DaVinci Code, etc. We may get to those topics, along with divine council stuff, but who knows? It’s up to the host, and it’s live and unscreened (11p-2am Pacific). If you want to know what (literally) millions of people out there believe (some of whom are in your churches), tune in. And prayer is always appreciated.

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16 Responses to “Some Upcoming Interviews”

  1. Bruce says:

    Thanks Michael for the heads up. I look forward to the interviews.

  2. kennethos says:

    Just to think, we’ll be able to say, “We knew Mike back when he wasn’t famous!” :)

    • MSH says:

      I’m already “nerd famous” (right up there with viral videos of people hurting themselves by accident) and don’t expect to ever get beyond that!

  3. rode says:

    a few days back they interviewed Brian Godawa on Off the Grid and he mentiones reading your material…cool news

  4. Rafa says:

    That’s great news, go Mike!
    I have been suggesting to James Patrick Holding to read your material (because his essays on various subjects are not quite there yet) and he finally said he will do so for a youtube project he is working on now.

  5. kennethos says:

    So, how did Coast to Coast go? Any good interactions? (Be interesting to see how many hits you get from it.)

    • MSH says:

      the interview was fine; this time, though, a lot of the questions were sort of odd / unfocused (and some callers had no question – just wanted to make statements).

  6. LisaDarln says:

    I recently entered the truck driving profession. I tend to drive during the midnight hours, and discovered Coast to Coast through the IHeartRadio App a couple weeks ago when I got sick of listening to music. I find it a rather odd program, a little too out there at times, but I very much enjoyed last night’s show with you.

  7. Jonnathan Molina says:

    I prayed that God would bless these interviews and that He’ll be with you; have a great time!

  8. Cris Putnam says:


    Way to go! I just listened to the C2C mp3s last night. It is not often that the Gospel gets shared to ~ 5 million listeners (many who are searching for true spirituality) and you were certainly able to work it into your answers skillfully without being too “preachy.” I think the Lord was glorified by your appearance and you represented evangelical Christianity well. Thanks for all your work!

  9. Dolly Stoner says:

    I really enjoyed your interview; It was exciting to learn from a Christian scholar who deals so honestly and logically with the things that don’t seem to fit in with more traditional theological persuasions. It really gave a boost to my own faith, as I tend to be discouraged by the usual explanations of curious OT material (which seem too naive and simplistic).

    I’m looking forward to reading your work.


  10. Ed Babinski says:

    @ Rafa

    You think James Patrick Holding is not quite there yet, but . . . do you think JP will read Mike’s blog and agree with what Mike says about the firmament? Especially after Holding’s three videos on “flatearthery?” Holding has composed articles protesting Paul Seely’s views, articles published on the Answers in Genesis website.

    Rafa, if you know JP Holding please send him this google search string and see what he says about Mike’s views of the firmament: firmament

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