Naked Bible Podcast Episode 028: The Comedic Genre and the New Testament

Posted By on October 20, 2012

This episode of the Naked Bible podcast features Dr. Heiser’s interview with his friend†Dr. Sam Lamerson†about the use of the comedic genre in the New Testament. Dr. Lamerson is Professor of New Testament at Knox Theological Seminary in Fort Lauderdale, FL. He has a specific research interest in the comedic genre in ancient Greek literature. Have a listen!

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6 Responses to “Naked Bible Podcast Episode 028: The Comedic Genre and the New Testament”

  1. David says:

    Really enjoyed this, thanks.

    In Sunday school at my church, we’re going through the book “Right in Their Own Eyes: The Gospel According to Judges” by George Schwab. It seems like a pretty good book so far. Schwab is very sensitive to the literary context. We just went through the section talking about Ehud and Eglon. Schwab brings out some pretty hilarious double-entendres in that story that would be missed by modern readers. Seems that the Bible has humor all over the place.

    • MSH says:

      good example – lots of good material in there!

      • David says:

        Out of curiosity, what do you think of the idea of a sexual double-entendre in the Ehud/Eglon story? Schwab is pretty confident that the story would have been understood at least partly in that way (and it does make sense when he explains it), but several commentators don’t even mention the possibility. I’m sure you’re aware of this interpretation. Do you think it is correct? (It was pretty funny in class — the guy teaching said something along the lines of, “Schwab is probably right, but I don’t like it, and this is a G-rated class, so we’re not going to discuss it.”)

        • MSH says:

          I think that reading is possible, but uncertain (i.e., the sexual entendre regarding Eglon’s “invitation” if that is what you’re speaking of).

  2. Shaun says:

    If you type up scripts for your podcasts you should post them here when the podcast goes up. It will help Google tag them.

    Good job on these!

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