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Posted By on November 9, 2012

Sorry there hasn’t been more of both. November is always the worst month of the year for anything personal. That’s typically derivative of prep for the upcoming academic conferences, which all piggy-back the week before Thanksgiving (this year, Nov 13-20 in Milwaukee and Chicago): ETS, AAR, SBL, ASOR, IBR, NEAS. I’m going to try and collect some audio this year from scholars for the blog and perhaps the podcast. If anyone has any specific questions for anyone in particular, let me know. I may bump into that person.

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  1. DT says:

    I’d love if you could get Robin Parry to chat with you, especially re: Evangelical Universalism. That’s one of the most intriguing threads I’ve read here, and I greatly appreciated the careful work Parry did on the book despite my disagreeing with his conclusions in the end (although I remain very open to being swayed!)

    Thanks, and travel safely!

  2. Patrick says:

    If you run into Peter Enns, ask him if he has considered “the other people” in the Genesis narrative as a potential explanation for the genome findings and whether or not he has considered that Adam could have “brought sin into the world” as Paul said, but, it didn’t have to be via genetics, could have been via social interactions over time?

    His recent book doesn’t seem to have considered these options.

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