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Posted By on January 17, 2013

A reader of Naked Bible recently sent me a link to a post he wrote that provides links to 45 blogs that offer tips for Bible study (varied ages and circumstances). Check it out – some useful links.

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  1. Doug O says:

    I was looking through some of the blogs on helping children through the Bible, and found they were heavy on application… which sounds like treating the Bible like a lesson book, or worse, something they’d find in school. I’m reminded of the new teacher in Dead Poet’s Society, when he tore up the book that diagramed poems.

    I love your suggestion to treat the Bible like it’s a work of fiction, to open our minds and let the writers affect us, and this applies to children with their active imaginations.

    My wife and I have been reading though a One Year Bible for Kids with our 8 year old daughter. We tried last year, but she was bored with it, probably because we were trying to teach her about God through it. It became boring.

    What’s nice about the One Year for Kids is it cuts out the sex and some of the other intense non-age-appropriate scenes. Of course, that’s leads to some confusion.

    But what’s fascinating to me is she is appalled at what is left out out of her version and intensely involved with what is going on. “What happened to Esau?” She asked last night after Jacob stole his blessing. It was left out, so I grabbed our “real” Bible and read it. What happened made sense but she was horrified at the state of their relationship, thinking about her own brother. She said, “I thought Jacob was a good guy!” I did take that moment to explain how God can change us and use us, which she got, but she was more interested in what happens next. “I can’t wait till tomorrow!”

    A few nights ago, she asked my wife, “This is for tomorrow, but I can read it tonight, please, please?”

    Last week, during the flood story, I read from the “unabridged” version and explained the giant situation, and what possibly was going on there. She looked at me and said, “That blows my mind.” Later, when a teenager from our church came by, she was excited to tell her about what she had read. She again added, “Yeah, that STILL blows my mind!” And the Bible should…

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