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Posted By on February 11, 2013

I’ve been asked many times whether I have video lectures on “all your divine council stuff.” Until now the answer has been no.

Readers may recall that well over a year ago I went to a conference event in PA that had something to do with the divine council. That event was the first time I’ve ever been invited to speak anywhere about the divine council worldview. I don’t imagine it will happen again. I had two full days to go through a pile of stuff and it was all caught on video.

So here’s your chance.

There are 9 DVDs with a CD that contains all the powerpoints. I go through Old Testament and New Testament. I doubt this will ever happen again, so this is the only place you’ll be able to get my divine council worldview lectures in this form. Really.

I should add that RCM is a worthwhile group to support. What they do is also a bit of a sub-plot in the sequel to The Facade that I’m currently working on. I get no royalty for any purchase, but it helps them in their ministry (they paid for all the production). I’d encourage you to get the set. I don’t have copies and won’t be selling them myself. This is the only source.


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  1. Doug O says:

    Maybe I’m just a nerd, but I love this “stuff.” To me, it explains so many anomalies in history, in the Bible, and in society today. It illuminates our Identity, adoption, and spiritual warfare. I presented the concept in a general way a couple weeks ago at a youth conference as the backdrop for a message on praying. Afterwards, some of the students came up and wanted more information about the divine council worldview. It gets them interested in their bibles.

    I had some teens over to hang out some time ago, and somehow, (over pop and chips and cookies and music) a discussion about Duet 32:8 came up, and its ancient and modern implications (which, I’m not sure about the spiritual implications today… I need more on that).

    One of the kids was fascinated, and wants more, so I’m wrestling with how to present more for him in a manageable way.

    I’m just a volunteer youth leader… so it’s not like I have time to delve into a lot of theology beyond what I get on some blogs like this one, the Bible Study magazine and some books and of course what our church leadership explores. Mainly I’m just trying to get broken teens to meet Jesus, but my starting point these days is, “You are a Divine Imager. And Jesus showed us what that looks like.” For kids who wrestle with self-loathing and act out of brokenness, it really is good news.

    Anyway, thanks for the link… will be ordering this!

    • MSH says:

      Thanks — I’m hoping people will get the DVDs, both for content dissemination and to help out RCM.

      Yep; you’re a nerd. God bless us, every one.

  2. Don Hogue says:

    Great news! In this serious of lectures do you cover the topic of bene elohim/Watchers and their relation with the Devine Council?


    • MSH says:

      I cover lots of this sort of stuff (divine beings both testaments) and more — it’s an overview of the divine council worldview of the Bible.

  3. Stephen Brand says:

    Mike, I was very disappointed to see the cost of this resource. I am fascinated with the subject and was looking forward to learning more. Surely this cost is way over the actual cost to mass produce the DVDs. Can you tell me why the cost is so high and whether or not you know if/when the cost will come down? Thanks!

    • MSH says:

      I have no idea. I didn’t even look at the cost, as I have nothing to do with the production or product. I suppose you could ask RCM.

  4. DT says:

    How many hours of presentation are accounted for on the DVD’s? If they posted that info, I missed it.

    • MSH says:

      This has me trying to remember how many hours I spoke over the two days. I’m sure, with Q & A, it was over a dozen; maybe 12-15. But I don’t know about any editing.

      • DT says:


        Hypothetically…if someone were to have read your rough draft of “The Myth That is True” and watched every presentation you’ve given that’s found its way to youtube/vimeo, would they be missing much pertinent info by not ordering this? I fully intend to order it, but the cost is currently prohibitive and will likely remain so for at least a few months.

  5. John says:

    This is awesome!

  6. haibane13 says:

    Christmas came early .

  7. Kirk says:

    Perhaps here is as good as any to pose a question about the divine council worldview.
    I’ve learned to attune my attention to the divine council view in scripture, in both testaments. It really is a cohesive view that permeates all of scripture’s grand narrative. Recently, we have been musing the historicity of Adam. We’ve taken note of how the biblical texts sometimes use Adam to make points, and build on scripture’s developing story. For example, Paul makes use of Adam in order to describe Christ. Even if there is no real-time “historical” analog to Adam is all but irrelevant. What matters is the internal narrative and how that is prescribed to us.
    My question involves asking a similar question about Babel. Do we have a proper analogy between Babel and Adam as they relate to scripture’s use of them? If Adam can be ahistorical, could Babel be too? Does the divine council view of scripture’s story make sense without a “historical Babel incident”?

    • MSH says:

      the answer would be yes in my view, since the point of the Deut 32:8 worldview is Israel v. the nations and Yahweh v. the gods. That is, the point is that Israel was God’s people by divine decision, and every other nation was not, and so, by definition, had other gods by virtue of Yahweh’s decision. You don’t need all the details of a Babel incident (e.g., the language issue) for that. That incident is the backdrop for the theological messaging, which is a commentary on the uniqueness of Israel and Israel’s God. The incident becomes a vehicle for that point, but the fact that not all nations are Israel still stands, and requires a theological explanation.

  8. Greg says:

    I bought these a month ago or so. The content is fantastic, but unfortunately the video and audio quality is absolutely pathetic. A second grader with an iphone could have done a much better job – I’m not kidding here. I though the price was a bit high as well when I ordered them, but I didn’t mind. When I got them I was quite disappointed with the quality vs the price. Would not have minded the price if the quality was even remotely mediocre, but it’s way worse than that. Anyway, I’m not suggesting that nobody should buy these, I just letting others know what to expect.

    Maybe one day we (the readers of your blogs) can all pitch in some money to create a good product with the same content but done properly. The second grader with an iphone probably won’t cost much to hire.

    • MSH says:

      you should let RCM know this. Agreed on the “wish” about a future production (though I have not seen these and didn’t have any role in making them — which would not have improved them, since I don’t know anything about video and audio).

  9. Patrick says:

    I got it months ago, I had asked RCM to notify me when it came available back when you spoke there.

    As far as the cost, my guess is it helps RCM in their ministry.

    It has a total of 9 discs and as I recall, it seemed like all , but, 1 were ~ 1 hour length. The 1 that was way shorter was on gematria issues.

    Stephen Brand,

    If you read this, send your mailing address to Patrick at ipb7@att.net and I will forward the set to you at no cost. You can send it back when you’re done and whatever you can afford, send that to RCM as a donation.

  10. shaun says:

    If Dr Heiser wanted to do a 1.5 hour DVD presentation on the best (ie most surpriseing to lay Christians) stuff from The Myth That Is True, I would donate money and my time as an animator/video editor. goodelery@gmail.com

  11. Mike says:


    I’ve been hoping for the PPT slides somewhere, etc. As soon as I can afford these (car repair) they’ll be in the mail! Can’t wait to get the repair paid off!

    I’m sorry to hear that these are poor quality. Are the presentations mostly the same footage as the AlienResistance productions? If they are a different presentation of the same material, ok. If they’re the AlienResistance vids plus a few others, that’s fine too, but the titles look like it’s broken up a little different.

    If the quality is similar to the presentations for Guy, then the quality might just be the older, one-chip, SD camera in the dark while we’re now more accustomed to higher res, auto-contrast-correction, over saturated toward primary colors, etc. So, what’s wrong with the quality?

    I’ve done video production–pre, shoot, and post, and publish. It was soho. I can help with a future project if it works logistically.

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