New Logos Resource Series for Understanding Biblical Criticism

Posted By on March 16, 2013

The Logos Bible Software blog announced a pre-pub today for a four-volume book series (with ample visuals and info-graphics) that I’m excited about. Its aim is to educate (in plain language) non-specialists in the methods of biblical criticism scholars use with regularity in commentaries and journal articles. I don’t contribute to the series. Rather, other scholars who work at Logos are behind the effort. It’s called the Lexham Methods Series.

The product homepage describes the series as helping Bible students “Absorb the methods behind commentators’ works—and the history that led to the formation of their methods.” Each volume serves as a “guidebook for self-study and deeper research, and the foundation for sharing with others through professionally designed slides.” The four areas of biblical criticism covered in the volumes are:

Volume 1: Textual Criticism—Overview, Old Testament Textual Criticism, New Testament Textual Criticism
Volume 2: Traditional Criticism—Source, Form, Tradition, History, Redaction
Volume 3: Linguistic Criticism—Linguistic Analysis, Discourse Analysis
Volume 4: Literary Criticism—Structuralist, Rhetorical, Social-Scientific, Narrative, Canonical

The blog post describes the first of the four volumes – the one on textual criticism, a subject near and dear to many Naked Bible readers. Check it out!


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  1. Don Awalt says:

    FYI the blog article came out today, but the series was announced and available for pre-order Oct. 26 of last year. It’s got almost 50% of the orders needed for it to actually go into production. Sign up!

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