Working with Hebrew, Greek, and English in the MT and LXX in Logos 5

Posted By on July 13, 2013

That’s the title of this post by Mark Hoffman over at the Bible Studies and Technology blog. I thought I’d post a link to it for those who don’t really know what Logos Bible Software does (or can do) – or, perish the thought, who are still using paper tools!

MT = Masoretic Text (traditional Hebrew text of the OT)

LXX = Septuagint (ancient Greek translation of the OT; used most often in NT by NT writers to cite the OT)

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8 Responses to “Working with Hebrew, Greek, and English in the MT and LXX in Logos 5”

  1. kennethos says:

    Nice…I’m an Accordance user, on my Mac. If’/when Logos for Mac works out in price and ability, I might be tempted to convert over! (Tried Bible Works years ago, very clunky at the time…have had no issues with Accordance.)

    • MSH says:

      Accordance is a beautiful piece of work; very elegant. I just like having a huge library, and do make use of syntax. I know Rob Holmstedt will do a good (but minimalist) job with the syntax for Accordance (we were classmates at the UW-Madison).

      • kennethos says:

        Doesn’t surprise me that you’d say that…I’m still in the kiddie section of the pool in terms of using Accordance, in comparison to where you’re at with Logos. I’d enjoy a library as well (and it’s likely Logos’ might be better than Accordance here), but would want to be able to use everything first, before defecting. Maybe a Christmas present someday… 😉

        • MSH says:

          That’s an understandable goal. The book/library comment isn’t an unknown, though. Logos now has 30,000 titles and counting (thousands of which would be academic / high end material). Accordance is nowhere close (a few hundred titles I’d guess), in part because it’s not what they do. It’s not their business model or goal. But what they do they do well.

  2. John Stuart says:

    Dear MSH

    Can you please compare Jeremiah Ch 32 verses 3 -5 compare it with the Damascus Document with it’s opening verses?


    John Stuart

    • MSH says:

      an unusual request, but it needs to be more specific – what would the point be (that you’re angling for)?

  3. JamesW says:

    Logos user here but I have held back on Learn to Use Biblical Greek and Hebrew especially after seeing a while back on your blog here that version 2 was planned for 2013. Can you give me an update on that please?

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