Naked Bible Podcast Episode 10 Uploaded

| May 19, 2012

The series on baptism continues with another discussion of a problem passage, Acts 2:38. Technorati Tags: Acts 2:38, Baptism, repentance, salvation

Naked Bible Podcast Episode 009 Uploaded

| May 13, 2012

This episode discusses another problem passage related to baptism: Acts 22:16. Technorati Tags: acts 22:16, Baptism, forgiveness, salvation, sins

Naked Bible Podcast Episode Uploaded

| April 14, 2012

The next episode has been uploaded. I get into the relationship between circumcision and baptism and the need for saying only about baptism what one can say about circumcision. I think this is crucial to the idea of infant baptism being defensible. In the next episode I’ll say a bit about how it relates to […]

Baptism as Spiritual Warfare

| April 9, 2012

Over the weekend I had occasion to send a friend some pages from my Myth That is True first draft that pertained to a difficult passage, 1 Peter 3:14-22. I could hardly believe I had not posted on it before (searched for it and came up empty). So, I’ve decided to include it at some point in the podcast […]

Naked Bible Podcast Latest Episode Uploaded

| April 1, 2012

Just a heads up; I uploaded the third episode of the podcast just now. It continues the series on baptism. Remember, you can get the file directly through the link and iTunes subscription right away, but it may take 24 hours for the archive located on this site to be updated. Technorati Tags: Baptism, catechism, […]