New Open Access Resource: Journal of Inductive Biblical Studies

| March 15, 2014

I just came across this new journal. It’s rationale is as follows: The Journal of Inductive Biblical Studies intends to promote the hermeneutical approach to the study of the Scriptures generally known as Inductive Biblical Studies. By Inductive Biblical Study (IBS) we mean the hermeneutical movement initiated by William Rainey Harper and Wilbert Webster White […]

Free Temporary Access to Scholarly Journals in Biblical Studies and Theology

| November 11, 2013

[Addendum: After you create an account at SAGE, go to this link and then click on the link that says “Free online access to all theology and biblical studies journals until 30 November!”]   It’s that time of year again! SAGE is offering open access to a list of solid journals until Nov 30. All […]

Why Study Ancient Texts Outside the Bible?

| September 3, 2013

It may seem amiss for this blog to recommend the reading and study of books external to the Bible – anything “non-canonical” or “uninspired.” Actually, it isn’t. This blog is called the Naked Bible because I want to present the Bible unfiltered through creeds and traditions that are imposed on it or presumably distilled from […]

Nifty Computer Software for Memorizing Greek and Hebrew Paradigms

| July 31, 2013

I was alerted to this new program on the web today that I’m sure many readers — and MEMRA students — will want to get. I’ve experimented with it and it works like a charm. The utility generates a wide range of quizzes on all the Greek and Hebrew paradigms students would learn in a […]

Working with Hebrew, Greek, and English in the MT and LXX in Logos 5

| July 13, 2013

That’s the title of this post by Mark Hoffman over at the Bible Studies and Technology blog. I thought I’d post a link to it for those who don’t really know what Logos Bible Software does (or can do) – or, perish the thought, who are still using paper tools! MT = Masoretic Text (traditional […]