Links to Some Good Reviews of “Four Views on the Historical Adam”

| January 11, 2014

I’ve blogged before about the new Zondervan book, Four Views on the Historical Adam (ed. Matthew Barrett and Ardel Caneday). New Testament scholar Nijay Gupta has posted reviews of the first three of these views. They’re fair and thoughtful. The four views are as follows, with links to Nijay’s reviews included: (1) Lamoureux: Evolutionary Creation […]

Can Unbelievers Ever Please God? Part 2

| October 5, 2012

While I wonít repeat what I said in Part 1, the comments to that post have left me thinking that some readers still donít understand what Iím saying and not saying Ė and so are missing the point of the question. So, by way of review Ö What Iím Not Saying and Not Asking Iím […]

Can Unbelievers Please God? Part 1

| September 26, 2012

Most readers are familiar with the idea of “total depravity” as taught by many Christian theologians over the centuries — the idea that (in overly broad strokes) humans are unable to turn themselves to God and are inherently sinful. Those who have read with some depth in theology know that theologians disagree as to how […]