Mr. Potatohead Explains the Synoptic Problem

| July 28, 2010

You just have to love this. Thanks due to Mark Goodacre. Technorati Tags: Marcan priority, Potatohead, Synoptic Problem, video

Mark Goodacre Podcast on Q

| February 14, 2010

Here’s a treat–Mark Goodacre’s summative thoughts on Q (a hypothetical source behind the Synoptic gospels of Matthew and Luke). Mark is skeptical of Q and has written much on the subject. Technorati Tags: Mark Goodacre, Q, quelle, Synoptic Problem

Mark Goodacre Podcasts on the Synoptic Problem

| February 9, 2010

Check out Mark’s podcasts on this notorious and fascinating issue.† One is an overview of the synoptic problem; the other is on the question of Marcan priority. Technorati Tags: Goodacre, gospels, Marcan priority, Synoptic Problem