The Talmud, Midrash, and Ramen Noodles

| March 18, 2013

When I was in college and grad school friends and I would often joke about whether books or food were a higher priority. Sure, it was funny, but every once in a while there was something that actually turned the conversation serious. Some of us literally (I speak to my shame) cut corners on money […]

New Perspective on Paul: A Recent Reading Group Post

| July 9, 2011

Well, the Naked Bible Reading Group on the NPP has started up. I gave everyone a week to read Kent Yinger’s short book on it (The New Perspective on Paul: An Introduction), and posting has begun. What follows is my most recent post. I thought it might be useful to share here. —– Hopefully this […]

Suggestion for Continuing with the New Perspective

| June 21, 2011

A friend of mine, Prof. Kent Yinger, recently published a short, very accessible book on the NPP that would be good reading for anyone interested. You can literally read through in in the evening. It is aimed at the non-specialist. I would be willing to fire up the old Naked Bible Reading group for that.  […]

Further Commentary on the New Perspective

| June 21, 2011

I thought I’d post some comment questions / statements produced by the initial NPP post that I said I’d return to. Here goes. My take at MSH. Q: What about the Romans 5 – ’sin is not counted where there is no law?’ That can’t mean that pre-Moses people were ‘let off the the hook’ […]

Thoughts on the New Perspective on Paul

| June 7, 2011

Time for a few thoughts on the “Law” article I posted lasted time to get us started on the New Perspective on Paul (NPP) topic. First, I think the article is telling in its summary of how modern reformed theology (and so, much of evangelicalism) has essentially filtered Paul’s statements about the law through the […]