Dan Wallace on the Great Commission

| March 15, 2014

Noted Greek grammarian and textual criticism scholar (and all-around nice guy) Dan Wallace recently posted a three-part treatment of the Great Commission. This is what pastors should be doing on any given Sunday. No, pastors don’t need to be Greek scholars. They just need to get serious about studying for sermons. Everything you’ll read in […]

Richard Bauckham on the Pooh Community

| January 7, 2014

You have to love this. Well known NT scholar Richard Bauckham’s essay on the (Winnie the) Pooh community — a satirical jab at what NT historians do to the gospels and Jesus study. A sample: Such insight into the tensions between various factions in the Pooh community could easily be extended into more debatable territory […]

Update on Joseph Atwill’s Josephus Code

| October 23, 2013

I blogged recently about Joseph Atwill’s research, which asserts that Jesus was a Roman invention. Now that his PR launch (disguised as a conference) is history, I decided to post an update of some reviews of Atwill’s work. Joel Watts asked, “Was Jesus a Roman Invention?” over at the Huff Post Robert Price (who doesn’t […]

Josephus Code Follies

| October 11, 2013

I’ve gotten a half dozen emails about the new (it’s not really new) Joseph Atwill book and “Covert Christianity” PR launch (er . . . conference). The big media event is really about Atwill’s rehashing of his material in a 2006 book called Caesar’s Messiah. It was supposedly a bestseller — but have you ever […]

Review of Candida Moss’s Book, The Myth of Persecution

| October 4, 2013

A book of this nature is a bit tangential to what I normally do on this blog, but this book has gotten a lot of recent attention. In fact, it’s own history is a good object lesson. When Moss’s book was published months ago, the popular media picked up on it right away since it […]