Naked Bible Podcast Episode 032: Word Study Techniques, Part 1

| January 19, 2013

The latest episode continues the series on Bible study at the word level. This episode focuses on why knowing how a word is used by a single author can be important. The nature of the example I use (“unmarried” / agameō in 1 Cor 7) requires saying something about a word’s distribution as well. Technorati Tags: […]

Naked Bible Podcast 031: Exegetical Fallacies

| December 22, 2012

This episode continues the series on studying the Bible at the word level. The episode utilizes the audio of a short screen capture video that Dr. Heiser created to illustrate a range of exegetical fallacies that amateur researchers frequently commit when doing Greek and Hebrew word studies. For those to whom the term is unfamiliar, an “exegetical […]

Naked Bible Podcast Episode 030: Introducing Word Level Study

| December 1, 2012

It’s been several weeks since I’ve been able to do another podcast episode, so here we go. In this episode, the series on taking Bible study seriously transitions to word level research by overviewing some directions we’ll take as we think about studying biblical words. Technorati Tags: context, greek, hebrew, study, word

Naked Bible Podcast Episode 028: The Comedic Genre and the New Testament

| October 20, 2012

This episode of the Naked Bible podcast features Dr. Heiser’s interview with his friendDr. Sam Lamersonabout the use of the comedic genre in the New Testament. Dr. Lamerson is Professor of New Testament at Knox Theological Seminary in Fort Lauderdale, FL. He has a specific research interest in the comedic genre in ancient Greek literature. […]

Naked Bible Podcast Episode 027: What is a Proverb?

| October 6, 2012

In the last podcast episode we continued our series on studying the Bible in light of its various types of literature its literary genres. We looked at parables and offered some guidelines for interpreting them. In this episode, were going to briefly look at another familiar type of biblical literature that is at times […]