Election and the Subset Remnant: Thoughts on Predestination

| January 21, 2011

Finally got this video made. The audio isn’t great, so turn up your speakers. I hope this helps you see how I’m thinking about predestination with respect to election and the subset of the saved remnant, per earlier posts on those topics. Technorati Tags: Election, free will, predestination, remnant, salvation

Note on the “God and Haiti” Post

| January 18, 2010

Just a note to regular readers. This piece was for the general public, so it’s light on details. I sent it out to some friends and sites for circulation. Hearkens back to our old predestination and free will discussions. Hope it does some good.

God and Haiti

| January 18, 2010

The impact of the catastrophic earthquake last week in Haiti is still rippling through the small, impoverished country. The scale of the tragedy is still building to its full crescendo of horror. But even now the calamity prompts questions concerning the whereabouts and benevolence of God. If God is good, why do people suffer? Since […]

God’s Sovereignty and Nature’s Freedom

| October 6, 2009

I liked this article since parts of it resonate with my own view of sovereignty and free will (the latter does not rule out the former) blogged long ago here at the Naked Bible. Genuine freedom is part of humanity because it is a communicable attribute we receive as imagers of God. You can’t image […]

The Ends, Not Necessarily the Means (Sovereignty and Free Will Addendum)

| May 25, 2008

I’ve been thinking about the last couple of exchanges on the predestination / free will topic. It’s occurred to me that there’s an element of my position that I haven’t specifically included in posts that would be helpful. It’s something I allude to in Chapter 4 and in posts, but it’s not explicitly developed. I […]