Interesting New Website: Biblical Studies Online

| January 24, 2014

This new effort looks very worthwhile. It’s goal is simple: “The goal of Biblical Studies Online is to provide both biblical scholars and the interested wider public with ease of access to quality biblical scholarship, as it comes available online.” Check it out! Technorati Tags: biblical, online, resources, scholarship, studies

Free Temporary Access to Scholarly Journals in Biblical Studies and Theology

| November 11, 2013

[Addendum: After you create an account at SAGE, go to this link and then click on the link that says “Free online access to all theology and biblical studies journals until 30 November!”]   It’s that time of year again! SAGE is offering open access to a list of solid journals until Nov 30. All […]

Why Study Ancient Texts Outside the Bible?

| September 3, 2013

It may seem amiss for this blog to recommend the reading and study of books external to the Bible – anything “non-canonical” or “uninspired.” Actually, it isn’t. This blog is called the Naked Bible because I want to present the Bible unfiltered through creeds and traditions that are imposed on it or presumably distilled from […]

New Grammar for Biblical Hebrew

| August 28, 2013

Mail was good to me today.  just got my copy of the new biblical Hebrew grammar by my former grad school classmates, Rob Holmstedt and John Cook: Beginning Biblical Hebrew: A Grammar and Illustrated Reader. Rob and John started this pedagogical journey while they were still at the UW-Madison. Congratulations to both of them. The […]

New Website Dedicated to NT Scholar Father Raymond Brown

| August 11, 2013

Mark Goodacre passed along this note about a new website dedicated to Father Brown. Check it out. I also recommend going to that part of the site that includes several PDFs of Brown’s work. He was a major force in NT scholarship and Jesus studies. Technorati Tags: Brown, Jesus, New Testament, Raymond, Virgin Birth