A Thanks to John Hobbins Regarding the Women in Ministry Issue

| March 1, 2011

I just saw John’s latest post where he defends me against the “wrath” of Suzanne McCarthy. My thanks are in order. In Suzanne’s defense, though, I should point out to readers that she and I have been chatting by email as well over the last week. She’s been through a lot of abuse at the […]

Women in Ministry: Next Round with John Hobbins

| March 1, 2011

John’s response to my last post is short enough I can re-post it here with a few words of reply. At the end of it, I have an addendum that I think helps summarize where I’m at on this issue. John’s piece (JH) with my replies (MSH): JH: The conversation Michael Heiser and I have […]

Women in Ministry: Response to John Hobbins

| February 27, 2011

Well, I’ve finally carved out some time to respond to John Hobbins’ post entitled “What the New Testament Has to Say About Women in Ministry.” Below I have included each of John’s points (JH) along with my replies (MSH). JH: (Point 1) It is a plausible but not incontrovertible assumption that “Junia” in Romans 16:7 […]

Women as Ministers: Update and Some Scattered Thoughts

| February 24, 2011

A couple updated items on the “women’s ordination” issue. First, Suzanne McCarthy has sent me a short commentary essay on Romans 16:7. She argues for Iounian being a woman.  This is no surprise, since only the most strident complementarians refuse to agree to that. As I noted in my initial post, I think the evidence […]

John Hobbins on Women as Ministers: Response Parts 1 and 2

| February 22, 2011

John has begun his response to my initial post on the issue of women in ministry. John’s first response is entitled, “Women in Ministry: Why the Issue Matters.”  I agree with him about a woman’s competence for ministry. I don’t think competence is an issue. I know there are women competent for pulpit ministry, just […]