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Click here for the FEED for the podcast.

You can also go right to the iTunes page to subscribe. I hope you’ll subscribe on both iTunes and the PodBean page. It will help build traffic and exposure for the podcast. The PodBean homepage is also wonderful in that there are convenient links for sharing the episodes with friends.

You can also listen to the podcast in the player below. NOTE: It may take up to 24 hours for the player at this location to be updated after a new episode is uploaded and announced. You can listen right away at the PodBean site and through a subscription to iTunes.

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  2. kennethos says:

    Woo-hoo! Time for some easy-listenin’ tunes! :)

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  4. Hal says:

    Do you have an RSS feed for the podcast that I can plug into my music/podcast software? I use Zune, and really didn’t want to have to sign up for another service.


    • MSH says:

      I’ll have to check on how to do that.

    • MSH says:

      I just submitted the podcast to Zune, but I have no idea if it worked. They didn’t even ask for an email address, and I got no message reply that it was submitted. Unique among the sites I’ve submitted to. Maybe it will show up in a search in a day or two.

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  6. Shaun says:

    I finally figured this out.

    This is the actual audio feedís URL. http://nakedbiblepodcast.podbean.com/feed

    You should post this in the description of your podcast on podbean. By using this URL people with podcast apps can subscribe through their own software without signing up for podbean or itunes.

  7. Shaun says:

    I would put it everywhere you describe your podcast.

    That URL is what the Zune guy is after. You dont need to submit your cast to specific services so they work. People with those services just need the feed URL so they can automatically download new podcasts.

    If you want to see how it works sign up for Google Reader (you technically already are since you have a gmail account) and paste that URL into the subscription area. It will know each time a new pod cast is ready.

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  10. mark begemann says:

    Problems with the podcast? I just listened to the first episode yesterday (iTunes doesn’t go back that far) but the playlist in my browser is blank and searching on Podbean doesn’t return results for “naked bible”. Maybe i’m just oblivious…

  11. mark begemann says:

    That worked! Of course, so does this page now, too. The player is again populated with the full list of episodes. Maybe it was just Chrome being flaky. Many thanks!

  12. Dr. Heiser,

    I am catching up on your podcasts. I am in the section Taking the Bible’s own context seriously. I was wondering where I could access the materials you reference for our own study.



    • MSH says:

      which ones specifically? A lot of those materials are posted with links under the “Bibliography and Resources” tab on the podcast page.

  13. Your first 13 or so episodes seem to be no longer listed. Is it possible to put them back up?

  14. Arlene says:

    I just listened to your podcast on baptism. Could you explain how Mark 1:4 fits into this equation. As one who believe for years that my baptism must not have taken or something was off because I didn’t become perfect after that, I have always wondered how sacraments work or really what they are meant to mean.
    Thank you for your time.


    • MSH says:

      In brief terms (!), since my view of baptism = “inclusion in a community where the truth/gospel can be heard, but still needs to be embraced,” John’s baptism signaled an embracing of John’s message – that the kingdom was at hand (inaugurated is the theological language – at the first coming / earthly ministry of Jesus). By joining that following (those anticipating the kingdom), people were in a community awaiting the one to whom John would direct them – Jesus. They still had to believe Jesus’ message, though (they couldn’t reject him and be believers).

      I don’t think baptism conveys grace at all. One could still speak of it as a sacrament, though, in a non-salvific, general sense – as something that encourages faith or a walk with Christ, for example (like Bible reading, prayer, etc.).

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