Naked Bible Annual Statistics Report

| January 1, 2014

Time for the annual review of how this blog did for the year. Of my three blogs, this one is in the middle for traffic (a bit behind PaleoBabble). This year 190,378 people visited this blog. All time (a little over five years’ running) there have been 631 posts to date at a word count […]

MEMRA Online Ancient Language Courses for 2013

| January 11, 2013

The MEMRA schedule for 2013 has now been posted! MEMRA is in its third year and has transitioned to offering only ancient language courses. Each course lasts one year (52 weeks) so as to stretch two semesters of grammar for student convenience and low pressure pacing.¬†There will be two modules that have their start in […]

Ancient Culture and Bible Translation

| October 4, 2012

(No, I haven’t forgotten about Part 2 to my “can unbelievers please God”; that will come.) Until then, I thought readers would find this post by Charles Halton: “Why the Study of Ancient Culture is Inseparable from Translation.” It will especially be of interest to those following the podcast series regarding interpreting the Bible in […]

Interpreting Genesis 1: Who’s the Literalist Now?

| September 12, 2012

I appreciated this post from James McGrath, whose short essay was stimulated by Robin Parry’s post, to whom James directs his readers. The issue is how “literal creationists” are actually only selective literalists (or, as I would call them, “inconsistent literalists”). If one was truly consistent in interpreting the creation description in Genesis 1 at […]

Naked Bible Podcast Episode 018: Ancient Near Eastern Texts in Translation

| July 21, 2012

The last episode of the podcast dealt with the need to tap into the intellectual output of the ancient Mediterranean world — the Bibleís own context Ė in order to start thinking the thoughts of the biblical writers. This episode takes this recommendation further by directing listeners to the best volumes and websites for English […]