Naked Bible Annual Statistics Report

| January 1, 2014

Time for the annual review of how this blog did for the year. Of my three blogs, this one is in the middle for traffic (a bit behind PaleoBabble). This year 190,378 people visited this blog. All time (a little over five years’ running) there have been 631 posts to date at a word count […]

Divine Council Site Changes

| December 11, 2013

I just wanted to post a short heads up about changes I made tonight over at my divine council site. Many of you have poked around there and know that I had some excerpts from the draft of my book (in process), The Myth That Is True. All that has been taken down, along with […]

Podcast Interview on the Divine Council

| November 8, 2013

I did an interview a few days ago with The Resurrection & The Revolution podcast show. They interviewed me about the divine council. I think it’s a good introduction to the major ideas. You can listen to it here. Technorati Tags: council, divine, Heiser, Psalm 82, sons of God

Divine Council Overview on DVD

| February 11, 2013

I’ve been asked many times whether I have video lectures on “all your divine council stuff.” Until now the answer has been no. Readers may recall that well over a year ago I went to a conference event in PA that had something to do with the divine council. That event was the first time […]