Logos is Hiring (Still)

| September 13, 2013

I just wanted to alert readers that Logos is still hiring. Seems like it’s never stopped. When I started there in 2004 there were 85 employees. Now we are over 300. There are thirty or so openings company-wide, but I thought I’d post on a couple since they are on my floor. (Not reporting to […]

Understanding the Göttingen Septuagint

| January 16, 2013

The Göttingen Septuagint is the premier critical-scholarly edition of the Septuagint. If you’ve ever seen or used it, you know it can be intimidating. Fortunately, Abram K-J (Words on the Word blog) has created a primer in two parts on how to read and understand the Göttingen Septuagint. Here are the links (highly recommended): How […]

High Resolution Images of Dead Sea Scrolls Now Online

| December 21, 2012

Pretty cool. Over 5,000 high resolution images of the scrolls are now available online. This is an awesome site for scrolls research in general, too. Enjoy! Technorati Tags: dead sea scrolls, digital, images, photographs, Qumran

Logos (Lexham) Bible Guides

| October 15, 2012

I want to alert readers to a recent resource that Logos Bible Software has produced and is in the process of producing — something we’re callingBible Guides. These arenot Sunday School resources. They are designed to be of academic assistance in studying a given book of the Bible. By way of illustration, here’s some of […]

The Greek Apocryphal Gospels in Digital Form

| March 27, 2012

My employer, Logos Bible Software, recently put the Greek Apocryphal Gospels on pre-pub. My colleague, Rick Brannan, blogged today over at the Logos blog about that product and those gospels. These gospel documents are not canonical. As Rick points out, they provide a lot of insight into what early Christians were hearing and thinking about […]