Mike Scheduled for Coast to Coast AM: Discussing Prophecy (Really)

| December 14, 2012

The anomalous nature of me being on Coast to Coast AM discussing this topic will make sense once you hear the date. I’ve blogged here in the past (at length) about how an obsession with prophecy is a waste of time — and I stand by that. So who better to discuss apocalypticism and popular […]

What Lands Were Promised to Abraham and Israel?

| January 12, 2012

Todd Bolen recently posted two excellent summaries of the opposing views of this question on his Bible Places blog. For those interested in eschatology (especially those who think they have all the answers about end times), these posts are *highly* recommended. The issue is simple: Were the lands in the Transjordan part of the Promised […]

Rapture or Not? Splitting vs. Joining Slide Video

| August 31, 2011

Finally got around to making a short (35 min) video of my slides that I used in Week 2 of my prophecy series at church. The topic is noted in the title to the post.† Since the audio of that session did not record, the video for it was not uploaded.† This is a “summary […]

Seventy Weeks of Daniel (aka, The Pit of Despair)

| August 30, 2011

Remember the albino from The Princess Bride? The guy who was in charge of the pit of despair? That’s who I feel like when asked to talk about the seventy weeks of Daniel. It is a quagmire of ambiguity and obtuseness. And yet so many people hang so much on one particular interpretation of it. […]

Video Link to My First “Why Do You Believe What You Believe About End Times?” Session

| August 17, 2011

I just saw that the link to my session at my church is up.† For those interested, just click here. Technorati Tags: assumptions, church, end times, Israel, kingdom of God, presuppositions