New Logos Resource Series for Understanding Biblical Criticism

| March 16, 2013

The Logos Bible Software blog announced a pre-pub today for a four-volume book series (with ample visuals and info-graphics) that I’m excited about. Its aim is to educate (in plain language) non-specialists in the methods of biblical criticism scholars use with regularity in commentaries and journal articles. I don’t contribute to the series. Rather, other […]

What is Exegesis Anyway?

| November 21, 2012

Words like “exegesis” and “exegetical” are thrown around by biblical scholars all the time. Those not in the guild or who haven’t taken courses in biblical languages or hermeneutics might wonder what the terminology means. If that’s you, I recommend reading this short post by Jeff Krantz over at the Logos Bible Software blog. The […]

Logos (Lexham) Bible Guides

| October 15, 2012

I want to alert readers to a recent resource that Logos Bible Software has produced and is in the process of producing — something we’re calling†Bible Guides. These are†not† Sunday School resources. They are designed to be of academic assistance in studying a given book of the Bible. By way of illustration, here’s some of […]

Tools for Biblical Research, Part 1: Toward the End of Bible Study as Most Think of It

| September 16, 2011

In addition to my day job at Logos I’m an adjunct distance ed professor of biblical studies at the seminary level. One of the more common questions I get from students is about sources for biblical research papers. Poor sources are the bane of both the student who wants to learn something about the text […]

How English Bible Readers Can Learn To Do Greek and Hebrew Word Studies

| February 15, 2011

There’s a new best answer to this:† the new Logos Bible Software product (“Learn to Do Word Studies“) created by myself and my colleague, Johnny Cisneros. It just went on pre-pub (a window of opportunity to buy it at a very steep discount). You can read the description at the link, but briefly, “Learn to […]