MEMRA 2014 Language Courses: A Video Overview

| November 7, 2013

There are only three weeks left to register for MEMRA language courses at a discount. Thanksgiving will be the last day to save money on registration. Enrollment will remain open until Christmas, however. If you’re thinking about registering to learn an ancient language online, this video overview (8 minutes) will interest you. It shows the new […]

Hebrew, Ugaritic, and ANE Archaeology Titles That Need Some Love

| May 25, 2013

As readers know, every once in a while some items that we’re working on at Logos Bible Software are in need of a a little push to get them into production. There are hundreds of such items on the Logos website, but these are near and dear to someone like me. I’m hoping that some […]

MEMRA Online Ancient Language Courses for 2013

| January 11, 2013

The MEMRA schedule for 2013 has now been posted! MEMRA is in its third year and has transitioned to offering only ancient language courses. Each course lasts one year (52 weeks) so as to stretch two semesters of grammar for student convenience and low pressure pacing. There will be two modules that have their start in […]

Two Weeks Left for MEMRA 2012 Language Course Enrollment

| September 10, 2012

Just wanted to issue the last call. Module 2 begins September 24, so registration is soon closing. There are three 52-week courses being offered: Biblical Hebrew, Biblical Greek, and Ugaritic. Technorati Tags: greek, hebrew, independent, learn, online, study, Ugaritic

MEMRA 2012: Courses, Schedule, and What’s New

| January 7, 2012

MEMRA 2012 is open for registration! Here’s the quick overview: I’ll be offering courses in biblical Hebrew, biblical Greek, Ugaritic, biblical theology, and Old and New Testament. Courses begin July 9, so you have plenty of time to register and plan. Right now students can register for either term in 2012. Tuition is 50% off […]