The Hebrew you see in the header is Psalm 119:18 from the Aleppo Codex: “Open my eyes, that I will behold wondrous things from your law!”

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  1. Jonnathan Molina says:

    That is one of my favorite psalm quotes. and so apt as it regards your site! God Bless.

  2. MSH says:

    @Jonnathan Molina: thanks!

  3. C Shane Stoneham says:

    What a beautiful thought. I find it is very much similar in thought to;

    “2Ti 2:15 KJV – Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.”

    Thank you for bringing clarity to some of the more difficult exegesis topics.

  4. Laura Paugh says:

    Hi. I am studying with Koinonia Institute and have recently encountered a teaching that is making me feel very uncomfortable. I am being a Berean about this teaching and am therefore looking for some help from you if you can possibly provide some aid.

    The teaching is that 1) The Kingdom of God is a separate entity from The Kingdom of Heaven. Additionally, we are being taught that 2) the Bride of Christ is only a remnant of the Body of Christ, thus we need to 3) work out our sanctification in order to inherit “the Kingdom.” Which kingdom, I am not sure. It is being claimed that our inheritance of salvation (justification) is blood bought and cannot be lost. I agree. However, the teaching that we must work for a second inheritance to rule and reign with Christ is not sitting well with me. I do believe that we are to allow the Holy Spirit to sanctify us, but I do not believe that we will “lose” our inheritance. Do you? I do believe we can earn or lose rewards–but not an inheritance. And finally, 4) a lot of Christians will be disappointed when they get to heaven because they will have forfeited their inheritance. Thus Scripture tells us there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth, but the God will wipe away every tear.

    Anyway, if you would be comment on these issues, I would be most appreciative.

    Thank you kindly,

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