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Here’s another article that I thinkwe can all benefit from in some respects. Some of it is material I’ve already blogged about, but other parts are items I’ve not yet commented on. It’s a good instance of current scholars thinking about the issue of the interface of Christianity and an ET reality. The full citation is: Marie I. George, “ET Meets Jesus Christ: A Hostile Encounter Between Science and Religion?” LOGOS 10:2 (2007): 69-94.

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One Response to “Recent (2007) Scholarly Article on ET and Jesus”

  • jbm says:

    Adam and Even Started the first UFO Religion by engaging with the “Shining One”.

    Thanks for sharing this article, Marie says: “But more importantly, God is certainly free to reveal to us how humankind’s savior Jesus Christ relates to all created beings, purported ETIs included. God, if he so chooses, can also reveal to us how the redemption wrought by Christ fits into his plan for the entire universe.”

    Marie then goes on to refer to ample scriptures that expound this statement, that Christ is more than just a one-time wonder. She goes on to say that “It is undoubtedly true the Word of God could have become in-carnate multiple times. Uniting his person to human nature certainly did not exhaust his infinite power, and so he can become incarnate over and over again.10″

    10-See Aquinas, Commentary on the Sentences, bk. 2, d. 31, q. 1, a. 2: “On Whether One Divine Person is Able to Assume Two Human Natures.”

    Since the necessity of Christ’s mission here on earth was driven by the disobedience of Adam, who formed a cabal with “The Shining One” together with his wife Eve, it would appear that this choice by Adam to engage in conversation with “The Shining One” resulted in the ultimate snub to The Creator. The Creator then birthed a plan to demonstrate who loved Adam more, and that plan birthed Jesus (God) who endured the cross for Adam and all his children right down to Rush Limbaugh. What’s to say that similar transgressions aren’t in process on other planets?- or – What’s to say that similar transgressions were avoided on other planets? That there might not be a need for a redemption plan on those planets? …or a need for people with a point of view like Rush for that matter….

    Perhaps the entire Universe is full of creatures that differ on whether or not to remain in harmony with The Creator?

    I am predisposed to think that earth is the exception and that most planets have races of sentient “imagers” that are clever enough to turn down “the shining one’s” offer of “the kingdoms of the world” in return for providing him with a worshipful cure to his longing to be worshipped. Is Narcissism confined to planet earth?

    What if Earth was the exception? And that most other planets were home to “imagers” that loved their jobs? Loved their wives? Understood each other? Invited their Creator into daily life decision making with them and their families? Faced cataclysmic challenges head on knowing they had their Creator to overcome?

    I can’t wait to read their bible!

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