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Don’t believe it? Check it out.

And I highly recommend Jihad Watch and its partner blog, Dhimmi Watch, as great blogs to follow for information on radical jihadist Islam.

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2 Responses to “Wacko Jihadist commands followers to convert aliens to Islam”

  • cyndy says:

    I am shocked and disappointed to see this posted on your page. Let me explain. To imply that Omar Bakri represents the Islamic faith is the same as saying the Phelps’ family is a true representation of the Christian faith.
    As for Mail Online, it is like the National Enquire. You of all people should question facts when no resource is given. However, this Omar guy is a nut, but no man of any faith. When an article claims the story originated on an extremist website, with no link, then it most likely comes from the same Mossad team that seems to be the only people that can find these extremist sites. The same.people that convinced the US that Iraq had WMDs.
    And Jihad Watch???? Are you serious? They are the KKK of Muslim hate. Anyone who’s agenda is to induce fear and hate into a population and pretend they are Christ followers can not be trusted. Their agenda is war on the muslim people for the state of Israel. No christian should encourage war. Of course, like most Christian Zionist, they totally ignore the Palestiian.Christians that are forced to live under Israel’s abuse.
    I am anti zionist, antiwar, but not anti Israel or anti Jewish. I personally have people IN love that live in Israel, Jewish people, and I live in fear that idiots like Jihad watch and their idiot followers with their rally call to bomb Iran will be the death of my friends.
    Michael, I greatly respect you. Since God lead me to your teachings I have grown in understanding and faith. I believe God has given you a gift. But I also believe for every Muslim that dies by the hands of a self titled Christian nation, for every Muslim or unbeiever whose heart is broken by a self titled christian , that is one less soul for Jesus. If I were not already a child of God’s, watching the actions and words of the people that claim. To follow Jesus while spewing nothing but hate from every cell in their body, would make me run as far as I could from their god.
    Thanks for hearing me out.

  • MSH says:

    note the term “jihadist”; no one said all Muslims are jihadists. Not all Muslims are jihadists, but all jihadists are Muslims (who else would be calling for jihad — it’s an Islamic term, not a Christian, Jewish, Bahai, etc. term). The jihadist demanding this conversion isn’t demanding that aliens be converted to some other faith.

    Perhaps you’re gun shy about that 1:1 equation (and that would be understandable given today’s world).

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