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Archive for September, 2009

If you haven’t read Nick Redfern’s book, Body Snatchers in the Desert, here’s a recent post on one of the book’s more controversial claims. The book is well worth the read. Readers of The Facade will know that the alternative to alien bodies at Roswell is older than Nick’s book, but Nick advances the argument.

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That’s the story circulating on the web today.

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I’ve had some recent email about the Raelians, so I thought this link might help any readers who haven’t read about their UFO religion.

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We often get into the science vs. religion issue when talking about extraterrestrials and religion. Check out this written and video interview with Alister McGrath, who described himself as (formerly) a “rottweiler sort of atheist.” McGrath has PhDs in both the natural sciences (molecular biophysics) and theology (both from Oxford).

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This is a bit peripheral to the main thrust of UFO religions, but I was asked by a reader on another blog about it. Discussions of UFOs and ETs often (right or wrong) gets lumped in with other “paranormal” phenomena. One such phenomenon is orbs (those little circular things that appear on photographs). Many people have presumed orbs indicate ghosts or some other “non-terrestrial” life forms (there’s the oblique connection to ETs). Is there anything to that idea? Not really.  Here’s a peer-reviewed article from the Journal of Scientific Exploration on the topic. In case you are not familiar with the JSE, it is a publication of the Soceity for Scientific Exploration, an association of scientists open to the paranormal (i.e., they aren’t debunkers).

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