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Archive for July, 2010

Well, it’s about time I got back to this.  When I last left you, I had noted that I was writing about end times over on my Naked Bible blog and that you needed to check out that discussion to understand my hesitation on agreeing with the typical Christian “fundamentalist” view of UFOs and aliens. I’m nearly done with that discussion (it’s 14 parts, and likely will only be one or two more; here is the archive). I can now summarize my thoughts.

The standard view of end times, to which the UFO and alien topics are married by many Christians, is riddled with problems. It’s not that the typical scenario — a rapture, then a seven year tribulation period in which the antichrist plays nice for the first half, then unleashes the forces of darkness, then Armageddon, then the second coming (think Left Behind) can’t work — it’s that it is based on a long series of presuppositions, guesses, and a few questionable exegetical points (but so is every other view). That’s what I’ve been illustrating and chronicling on the other blog. And so, given the tenuous nature of the entire reconstruction (and I know it’s news to many of you that there are any problems), when Christians want to insert aliens and UFOs into the picture, I see trouble.

By trouble I mean that those who do such a thing are setting themselves up for not only a potential, huge disappointment, but they risk all that they are saying about aliens and UFOs being construed as nonsense if their eschatology doesn’t pan out.  And they also risk many in the flock leaving the faith over disenchantment with the “assured” nature of their end times schemes. I just cannot endorse how the alien-UFO subject is married to a rapture, for example, because I’m quite uncertain there is even a thing such as a rapture taught in the New Testament. (Again, if that’s news, go to my archive – and please read ALL the posts starting at the beginning – they build on each other).

Other than this general uncertainty, I don’t think the major “exegetical” argument that is used to bolster aliens and UFOs factoring into the end times is at all sound. I speak here of the notion that Matthew 24:37 (“For as were the days of Noah, so will be the coming of the Son of Man”) is a reference to the fathering of nephilim by the sons of God in Genesis 6. This connection is critical to the typical “fundamentalist” view tying aliens and UFOs to the end times.  I’m also not a believer that Daniel 2:43 is about alien-human hybrids.

I’ll try and explain the problems I see with these interpretations in the next post or two.

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Interesting post from Kevin Randle on his blog today. No surprise, of course, Three years ago I had a number of the Majestic documents tested by a linguist whose expertise was authorship attribution and found the same thing. That was the occasion that caused Stanton Friedman to say some pretty uninformed things about where I stand on the UFO/ET question – even though the testing validated some of his own earlier work (probably prompted by Ryan Wood, who would never let objectivity interfere with an investigation). That’s what happens when you are married to a position and don’t bother to do something as simple as watching an online lecture by the person you’re accusing or even reading his material. Makes me wonder that, if Stanton was so sloppy there, what else has he “overlooked” that we don’t know about? It’s disconcerting since before that hysteria I looked at his work as having high quality.

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UPDATE (7/17/2010):  Below is my post about the China UFO that’s been in the news. The video in the post is now known to *not* be of the July 7 China UFO.  The story got conflated in some news sources and picked up by bloggers (me included). Thanks to readers for the correction!  Here some links provided by one reader:

Here’s the People’s Daily July 6 report on the missile.

This is the Daily Mail article that I suspect started the conflation of the two reports.

Kento Mori has an explanation of some of the images and correctly identifies the source of the missile video.


This UFO in China has been big news since it was sighted on July7, when it forced Xiaoshan Airport in Hangzhou, China, to cease operations.  The still photos at the above news report make this appear more spectacular than the video. Why?  The stills simply show something that isn’t a conventional plane beaming a light to the ground. But the video (below) clearly shows that the craft is *burning* something to be propelled. Last time I checked, internal combustion engines were not sufficient for deep space travel. I doubt very much if this is therefore anything alien.  More likely some sort of military or experimental craft.

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Here’s an interesting piece from Cornelius Hunter’s blog (PhD in biophysics and and computational biology; read: he ain’t no hack). This “junk DNA” is a favorite point of appeal to people who want to see alien fiddling with the human genome (like Zecharia Sitchin). It’s worth reading, especially the section “the religion of evolution.”

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Here is a link to my ongoing eschatology (end times) archive over on my other blog. I’m still showing how any view of end times is based on guesses and presuppositions. I should warn readers at this point, though. If you are married to the pre-trib / pre-mill view of end times, you may find the last two posts (numbers 8 and 9) at the other blog disturbing. I’m showing how the core ideas of that view are far from self-evident. I’m not taking any sides (again, I don’t care for any of the views), but I’m doing this since it will be the basis for explaining why I’m not on board with the common notion (among Christian ufologists) that UFOs and alien abductions are proof that we are living in the end times. Still setting the table for that.

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