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Archive for October, 2010

UFO Mystic has a review of Mirage Men: A Journey in Disinformation, Paranoia and UFOs posted today. I have the book as well but haven’t read it yet. The review opens with this question:

Is it possible that instead of perpetrating a UFO cover-up the US intelligence agencies have really been promoting ideas like alien abductions, UFO crashes and recoveries, and secret bases all along?

My answer: yes — and even “most definitely.” I came to that position in 1997 after listening to the 1997 Air Force press conference on CNN at the 50th anniversary of the Roswell incident. That was the press conference where Colonel Haines said that part of the Air Force’s third explanation (their second “final report”) for Roswell was that the Roswell witnesses who had been interviewed since the 1970s, when the event picked up steam in the press and publishing, “underwent time compression.” In case you’re wondering what the colonel meant (as was the reporter to whom the comment was directed, in response to a chronological error about how test dummies explained the bodies at Roswell in the colonel’s explanation), the colonel stated (I thought seriously) that all the witnesses thought they were remembering an incident in 1947, when what they were really recalling was an incident in the early 1950s. Folks, Air Force colonels are not that dumb. It seemed to me that the Air Force wanted to perpetuate the idea of an alien cover-up with a statement this incoherent. I still believe that is the case. No doubt Pilkington’s book will provide much data and food for thought in that direction.

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Everyone here knows I am no fan of Sitchin, but good grief – this announcement (and other blogs reporting on his passing) could at least spell the man’s name correctly.

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Here’s a sample of how many readers are taking Nick’s most recent book. The review has quite a negative tone with respect to Christians. Assuming Nick is accurate in his portrayal of the Collins Elite, this sort of dark attitude (portraying Christians as fascists) would not be unexpected.

I’ll be posting my own review sometime during the first two weeks of November if all goes as planned on the writing front (one dictionary essay and two scholarly conference papers are in front of it).

By the way, the Magonia site is perhaps the web’s deepest reservoir for reviews of UFO / paranormal books.  A good resource.

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I just returned from a speaking engagement. I read Nick’s book on the plane. I have mixed feelings about it (not because of Nick, but because of the content that he reports). I have to say it has prompted me to conclude that I need to sit down and write a lengthy review — a review that will, in many ways, reveal some of the plot threads to my Facade sequel. I have two overdue writing commitments to take care of first, though, so I expect to start in on this review in the first week of November.

I’m in a cranky mood tonight. This gave me a warm, fuzzy feeling.

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