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Archive for February, 2011

A couple of weeks ago I posted Part 1 of my response to an essay on the UFO Iconoclast blog entitled, “The Myth of Man-Made Flying Saucers.” That essay listed seven operational and design characteristics of some UFOs that, for the essay writers, defied the notion that humans could be responsible for any technology behind them. These characteristics were:

* The ability to “morph” appearance (including shape, density and size) often assuming craft configurations that are not even aerodynamic
* “Changing state” by exhibiting a defined material structure and then appearing as “engineered light” or plasma-like
* Seamlessly “splitting” from one craft into multiple craft – often creating formations
* Appearing in one part of the sky and – in a literal instant – appearing in a completely different part of the horizon
* Hovering silently and then moving at tremendous speed- without leaving a plume or contrail or without emitting a sonic boom
* Dodging advanced fighter jet intercepts and playing “cat and mouse” with the very military that should know of their existence
* Exhibiting flight maneuvers requiring G-forces that surpass the levels of human tolerance and endurance
* Displaying no rivets, bolts, welds, fittings, joints, seams (or intake and exhaust features) that are common and essential to all air and spacecraft in all history

In Part 1 I discussed the first four, explaining the logical disconnects with assuming such characteristics could not be explained in non-ET terms. In this post, I’ll breifly touch on the remainder:

* Hovering silently and then moving at tremendous speed- without leaving a plume or contrail or without emitting a sonic boom
* Dodging advanced fighter jet intercepts and playing “cat and mouse” with the very military that should know of their existence
* Exhibiting flight maneuvers requiring G-forces that surpass the levels of human tolerance and endurance
* Displaying no rivets, bolts, welds, fittings, joints, seams (or intake and exhaust features) that are common and essential to all air and spacecraft in all history

Some of what I said in Part 1 could apply to the first three of the remainder. In fact, everything listed here could be explained as tricks on the eye, the plasma technology suggestion offered by a commenter to Part 1, and “radar ghosting,” a known technique used by military and intelligence insiders who have sought to perptuate the belief in alien craft. This technique is discussed in Mark Pilkington’s recent book, Mirage Men: An Adventure into Paranoia, Espionage, Psychological Warfare, and UFOs. But I want to add a few other thoughts about them.

First, if a “craft” moves with a tremendous speed to create a sonic boom but does not, that suggests the craft is either (a) not physical, or (b) manipulates the physical forces that would produce the sonic boom. The former argues against an ET craft in my view, at least if we define an ET as a life form subject to physical laws that govern a corporeal embodied being. That leaves the inter-dimensional option, which could dovetail with the second alternative above — the manipulation or defeat of certain physical forces. But does that point to ET?  Actually, no. It is epistemologically disingenuous to say it does. Why? Because that conclusion requires that we know with certainty that humans have never achieved a technology that could defeat or bend or “cancel” gravity so that speeds can be achieved for physical craft and there is no sonic boom (or a high degree of certainty — and suspicion is *not* certainty).

We do not have that certainty. As I noted in Part 1, several serious researchers have constructed a good circumstantial case that such technology has existed and does exist, and it is human. I speak here of Joseph Farrel and W.A. Harbinson’s work. (Note that Farrell’s research is not noted anywhere in the UFO Iconoclast essay). I could add Nick Cook’s work investigating anti-gravity and Thomas Valone.

Frankly, any scientist who does serious work in this area was not the first to think of the ideas, equations, problems, possibilities, and techniques that occupy their thoughts. They are standing on the shoulders of others. Some of those others are part of the historical record involving attempts to produce man-made saucers and similar craft back to at least the 1940s. The great unknown is whether or not this research proved successful within the secret operations of the military industrial complex. If it did, we would have our explanation. We just don’t know. But here is the critical point for the current discussion: WHY should this possibility be taken off the table — especially when its reality would account for the very things that supposedly cannot be explained by human efforts?  In other words, the UFO Iconoclast list for why UFOs cannot be man-made could be explained by man-made technology if the research we know to have existed in its infancy in the 1940s was pursued and became successful.  The list does not rule out humans. It invites the question of whether humans succeeded. There’s no coherent reason to conclude that the list makes the man-made option no longer worth considering.

Second, if “gravity overcoming” technlogy was achieved, the descripotions of the second and third items in the list would be expected and normal.  In other words, the description does not compel an alien source. Rather, it compels us to ask anew whether known human research was pursued to success.

Third, the last point is very weak. Even the modicum of aviation design reading I’ve done informs me that these sorts of items were known obstacles or weaknesses to the kinds of human “gravity overcoming” technology that was begun. Put another way, the humans working on this technological pursuit were well aware that new designs that largely eliminated these normal design features had to be re-designed. Further, both Farrell’s works and Harbinson Projeckt UFO discuss certain technologies that allowed air intake through the “skin” of craft. The point: these are known issues to the humans involved, and designs are literally on the books for these sorts of re-designs. The only question is whether they succeeded.

Bottom line: Instead of taking the human answer off the table, given what we know human scientists were working on since the 1940s (questions, goals, and strategies for overcoming gravity or its effects), the UFO Iconoclast list should pique our curiosity as to whether they found solutions. The kinds of technologies that would produce these effects are *not* beyond the human MIND. That much is quite verifiable. The only question is whether they are still beyond human ACHIEVEMENT.

In Part 3 I will revisit the original UFO Iconoclast post for more discussion.

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I came across this bibliography tonight. As many readers will know, sleep paralysis is a likely explanation behind many (but not all) alien abduction episodes.  Though it’s a good resource, it is out-of-date, as the most recent entry is for 2000.

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For all of you who have emailed me (some breathlessly) about the UFO hovering over the Dome of the Rock a few days ago, I have three requests:

1) Watch this and learn a few things to look for to detect similar hoaxing in the future. The hoaxing techniques are clever, but easy to detect for people who know what to look for.

2) Instead of believing first and then engaging in critical thinking or analysis, reverse that process.  It will be good for both of us.

3) Don’t email me about any other UFO events until you spend a few days or a couple weeks doing #2.

Sorry, no Bible-UFO prophecies fulfilled today (or a couple days ago).

Honestly, it’s embarrassing how we simply can’t seem to suspend belief on these things long enough to pause and think, and to wait for people within the interested UFO community with video and graphic skills to do their thing. I don’t have those skills, but I’m blessed with a mind that doesn’t like gaps in coherence. My first thought was, why is it, that in this place — arguably the worst hot spot in the world — that (a) we don’t have a single mainstream news report of this and (b) we don’t have DOZENS of videos and stills for it? And before you say the mainstream media would cover it up, get real — they reported the O’Hare UFO, the recent Utah lights, and all the odd “vortexes” in Norway (just some examples). The mainstream may make light of it, but they WILL report something if enough people come forward with an event.  You can bet your gluteus maximus that a bright flash of light on the temple mount of all places would draw media attention. Or a riot. It’s a powder keg.

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An alert reader (kudos to Keith) brought yet another alternative possibility to mind with respect to how a “shape shifting” UFO need not be alien technology. He cited the following from W. A. Harbinson’s important book, Projekt Saucer:

The fuselage of the experimental craft is covered with a plasma shell. As radar waves track the unknown craft from below, the waves are unable to “find” its true shape, shimmering and sliding over the plasma surface; and so the screen at the radar station receives indistinct, amorphous (and spectacular) blob-like impressions.

It’s been a while since I read Harbinson, so this was a welcome reminder.

And by the way, I hope I am not the only one who noticed that none of the evidence for fantastic human technology that could mimic the amazing behavior of saucers that Joseph Farrell has brought to light in his series of books on the subject was addressed in the UFO Iconoclasts post that asserted man-made UFOs were a myth. Until I see rebuttals of the documentation and the derivative hypotheses detailed by Dr. Farrell, I’m not going to be persuaded of alien origins.  If you have not read his books, you need to, as he is able to document powerful human technologies that, were they applied in the late 1940s, 50s, and 60s, would certainly explain much. And he builds a very good circumstantial case that this application could indeed have been funded and accomplished. Here are the titles to which I refer:

Reich Of The Black Sun: Nazi Secret Weapons & The Cold War Allied Legend

The SS Brotherhood of the Bell: Nasa’s Nazis, JFK, And Majic-12

Roswell and the Reich: The Nazi Connection

As with any other scholar, I can’t endorse everything Dr. Farrell writes or positions he holds. But anyone making any claims thereto who has not read his works and has not refuted his case should politely do both before opining. When combined with things like Harbinson suggests and ghost radar, we may be able to explain all of the fantastic flight phenomena through such works, leaving only the issue of alien bodies as the real point that needs resolution. And of course all we have on those is anecdotal (and some alternative hypotheses that involve humans).

Back to writing Part 2 now!

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