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Archive for August, 2011

Here’s a link to a pretty lengthy piece by a science writer for Discovery News (“Nibiru: Imaginary Planet Blamed for Earth’s Woes“). It’s well worth the read. The writer calls the Nibiru notion what it is: pseudo-science largely based on a chick channeling aliens. Got to love that! (I wish the article had linked to my own nibiru page, though).

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I’m not sure if the death of the multi-verse theory described in this obituary is correct, or if correct, whether that kills off the possibility of any other universe (shy of all the layers of the multi-verse).  I’m also not convinced that “other universe” is an adequate synonym for “alternate plane of reality” even though we use the former phrase to mean the latter all the time. If these two concepts are not identical, then having no other universes would not necessarily be problematic for those who post ETs are from another dimension, or those Christians who opt for aliens as “spiritual entities” (demons for the most part; note that the “spiritual world” needs to be another plane of reality).  Perhaps there are several reality planes within our single universe – ? Or maybe the problem is *this particular theory* of the multi-verse.

Any thoughts on the terminology problem or the general issue?

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You may have heard about the recent NASA news conference.  Apparently the people at the Examiner couldn’t process the simple centerpiece of the new event.  The Examiner is an online twaddle rag akin to the Weekly World News. Here’s the Examiner’s headline:

DNA, Possibly of Extraterrestrial Origin, Found on Meteorites

Uh, no, that wasn’t what NASA said they found.  What NASA actually announced can be viewed here, on NASA’s own site.  NASA reported that THE BUILDING BLOCKS of DNA have been found on meteorites.  You know, the ingredients.

The thinking skills of this journalist make me wonder what other headlines might pop into his head. Say he found a muffler, an oil pan, and a steering wheel outside a Walmart. I can see it now: “Car Discovered in Parking Lot.” Or if he stumbled upon a bag of groceries: “Three Course Meal Found in Plastic Bag.” And can you imagine him at a crime scene? He comes across some hair fibers and blood that didn’t belong to the dead guy on the floor: “Murder Suspect Apprehended at Crime Scene.”

Good grief! BUILDING BLOCKS of DNA are not DNA.  They are the chemical components — unassembled. It’s hard to believe journalism is this inept. Or maybe not.

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