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Archive for March, 2012

I just wanted to alert readers to the new article review archive I’ve posted at this blog. It is self-explanatory. My goal is to read through all these articles (many of them again) this year and post short reviews on their contents. When I find them digitally I will post links to them.

A couple of readers have suggested I revamp the look of this blog after the new look for my PaleoBabble blog. I gave the idea some love today and found the new theme. It solves a practical problem for me, as well as looking nice and clean — my “Pages” section would not overlap in the old theme, so now I have more room at the top. I’ll be adding a new “Page” at the top this weekend — an article library to go with the new book library I just created for the blog – have a look!

Just a quick note (as with my other blogs).

I’ve created a Twitter account so that when I post on any of my blogs, notification will appear there as well. I don’t know much about Twitter.  I think that if you click here you will go to my Twitter page and can decide to follow me or not. It might be a good way to be alerted right away when I post something (at least that’s what I’m thinking — don’t worry, I won’t be alerting you to what I had for breakfast or when I’m taking the dog out).

In case you’re wondering why I don’t send posts to Facebook, I tried setting up the Plugin and creating the necessary Facebook App for automatically posting notifications, but killed the idea as soon as Facebook wanted my credit card number for account “verification” (hey, how about the fact that I’m in your website, which required a password get there?). It will be a cold day in Sheol before I give the Facebook troll my credit card information. The site would also accept a mobile device but I don’t have one. So that died a quick death.


A month ago I appeared on Coast to Coast AM. I’ve been on the show many times, and when I’m a guest, I try to set up a hub on my homepage for listeners to get quick access to areas on my websites and blogs that will no doubt come up in the course of the conversation. One of those was an archive I created on this site about “junk DNA.” I ran across a couple more articles today about how this “junk” isn’t junk after all. Anyone familiar with the ancient astronaut religion will know that “junk DNA” has long been one of its “proofs” that humanity was created by aliens via genetic engineering (splicing alien material into a hapless hominid to manufacture homo sapiens). That idea is scientific nonsense. I thought it might be worthwhile calling attention to this page on the blog where I’m collecting these articles.


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The Magonia review of books posted a review today of Annie Jacobsen’s book, Area 51: An Uncensored History of America’s Top Secret Military Base (Orion Books, 2012). I haven’t read this one and don’t plan to. It really doesn’t capture my interest, for several of the reasons indicated in the Magonia review. There’s nothing revelatory that can be verified (it’s hearsay stuff), so I don’t see the point of spending the time reading it. I’m just not interested in hearsay. But some of you may be interested in this review.

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