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Archive for April, 2012

I’m guessing all UFO Religions readers know about the Ancient Aliens series put out by the Fantasy Channel (still though of by many as the History Channel). I’m thrilled to announce that I’ll be interviewed later this summer for the documentary film response, Ancient Aliens Debunked. If you visit the link you can sign up for email notification when the documentary is released. It will be FREE and viewable online. The trailer is below. The film is being produced by Chris White. Since the documentary will be free, all of the expense incurred by Chris is his own. This has been true of his online and YouTube ministry since its inception. Please visit his site to donate and help support this project!

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What if someday we detect a signal from outer space that turned out to be the Fibonacci sequence? Would that be proof of extraterrestrial intelligence?

Be careful how you answer!

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I just came across my lecture from the 2003 God, Man, and ET Conference on YouTube. The event was hosted at the University of Wisconsin-Parkside. I participated in the planning of the event. Aside from myself, the speakers were Dr. Hugh Ross, Dr. Paul Nelson, Richard Hoagland, and the late David Flynn.Cheryl Jones was MC and my good friend and former teaching colleague Doug Vardell served as moderator.

I had no idea it was on YouTube. You can watch it below (be patient, it takes 8-9 minutes to actually get to the lecture, and the whole thing is one hour and twenty minutes long).


I also found the panel discussion from the event (also over an hour long). Enjoy!

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The Uncommon Descent blog has some pull quotes from an article from the Technology Review/Physics Archiv blog entitled, “The Amazing Trajectories of Life-Bearing Meteorites from Earth” that make that point.

This is the idea that, when earth was struck by space objects in the distant past (e.g., asteroids), material from earth was ejected up into space from the impact, and that material held living organisms. The material was then drawn out into space by various forces. The implication is that if some of that debris made it to various moons or back to earth and was discovered today, it might mistakenly be interpreted as ET life, but it actually originated on earth.

As the Uncommon Descent link notes, astronomer Hugh Ross has been saying this for many years. I recall it from the God, Man, and ET Conference where we were both speakers, as well as some of his radio appearances. But I’d never seen (probably because I never felt compelled enough to look) any journal literature on it. Very interesting.

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I wasn’t aware that the Mirage Men, a book I reviewed here some months ago, was being made into  documentary film. I liked the book, so hopefully the film will be well done. Here’s a look at the recently released teaser-trailer.

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