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Archive for May, 2012

I recently received a link to this critique of Richard Hoagland’s occult theories related to Mars: “Hoagland’s and Bara’s Dark Nonsense.” Though I don’t doubt Richard’s sincerity as to his beliefs (spent enough time with him to know he’s truly committed to his ideas — as if his history on that isn’t enough evidence), and can’t really process all his physics ideas, I know non sequiturs when I see them, and the Hiram Key by Knight and Lomas is riddled with them. The whole “Jesus is connected to ancient Egypt” trajectory is cluttered with logical flaws and imaginary evidence, as scholars of all religious persuasions of the New Testament and Egyptology have known for centuries. Any idea using Knight and Lomas is DOA.

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Readers who follow the panspermia discussion in science outlets aimed at the non-specialist may find the recent news release / article from Science Daily of interest: “Organic Carbon from Mars, but not Biological.” Close, but no cigar. A biological outcome would certainly have added fodder to the panspermia theory.

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Silver Screen Saucers has a nice post on the zealous promotion of the ancient alien fantasy that seems to be guiding the soon-to-be-released Prometheus, the prequel to the Alien film franchise. Here’s a short excerpt:

Just as you thought the Ancient-Astronaut-inspired Prometheus couldn’t get any more ‘UFOey,’ a new featurette for the movie reveals that the alien planet to which the human characters travel to meet their makers is none other than Zeta(2) Reticuli.

The link in the quotation leads to another SSS post about Prometheus that features the opinions of Alex Jones (“the high priest of the conspiracy community”).  For those who don’t know Alex Jones, he’s also famous for being the guy who saw Charlie Sheen’s hernia.



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Nick Redfern marks the 25th anniversary of the infamous Majestic-12 mystery over at Mysterious Universe. I don’t put much stock in the MJ-12 documents since I had them tested by a computational linguist specializing in authorship attribution studies.

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For those who have not read Nick Redfern’s book, Body Snatchers in the Desert: The Horrible Truth at the Heart of the Roswell Story, shame on you … but now you can catch up a bit very quickly. Nick just posted a summary of the timeline that underlies the major points of his contention, that the event at Roswell was very human, and inhumane, hence the cover-up. (Note: I reviewed Nick’s book on this blog).

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