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The UK Mail Online posted an update on the so-called “Baltic UFO” a few days ago. I’d encourage readers to check it out, as the update includes pictures of sonar scans. The article theorizes that the object may in fact be a secret Nazi undersea submarine defense. If that defense was made of concrete, that may be possible, since the scans make the object look to my eye as rock or a rock formation, hardly a metallic craft of any sort (another shock, I know).

5 Responses to “Baltic Sea “UFO” Looking a Lot Less Like a UFO”

  • Rob says:

    Very interesting. But some of the Mass Media seem to be ignoring the other half of the story put forth by the discoverers, such as: electronic equipment disabling when they approach within 200m of the object.

    I see no reason for these men to lie about such a thing, as anyone with the correct equipment can test their claim for themselves and prove them to be complete frauds or confirm their claim.

    I want this explained first, before any more “theory” is put forth by those who haven’t even spoken to the men who stumbled upon this.

    That said, if anyone can prove that this part of their story is a lie, I will look at this so called “secret Nazi undersea submarine defense” closer. Although this theory confuses me, if it was “secret” how can anyone identify it with such detail?

  • Rob says:

    UPDATE on my comment.

    Those are are well versed in WW2 and WW1 say that this claim is complete nonsense..of course, their being ignored.

  • MSH says:

    other than those searching for the “UFO,” who has documented the equipment failure? And if this was an anti-sub defense, there may be something about that defense that would cause that anyway.

    The identification isn’t being made with any detail or precision. Undersea defenses were rumored to have been employed by the Nazis, and so this is a guess, nothing more.

  • MSH says:

    and that’s believable, as I noted in the previous reply – the Nazi explanation is a guess, based on a rumor (typical for UFO stuff, actually).

  • Rob says:

    Well according to ww1 and ww2 experts: EMPs (electromagnetic pulses) were invented in 1945 by the Americans. There is no record of Nazis ever creating this technology, nor any record of undersea devices with such capabilities on either side.

    Further more, if this “secret Nazi undersea submarine defense” was used to disable submarines and the like, we might see disabled subs near by, that would close this case for me. Also, 200m is a very, very short range for a weapon like this, if it even is a weapon. It could be a “keep out” device.

    Who knows..

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