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The Huffington Post recently blessed ET religious believers with this piece of mythology. The story ( and that’s all that it is, a fairy tale) that President Eisenhower met with extraterrestrials during his term. Here’s the reality: the whole idea is based on interpretation of a timeline “gap” (and even that is an interpretive term) of the President’s itinerary on an occasion or two. There isn’t a single document that states or even suggests such a meeting took place. It is entirely based on wishful innuendo. Don’t like that? Put up the data — something that goes beyond interpretive innuendo (read: BS). I’ll post it here.

I love these sorts of “reports” — some of the same people who’d believe this fabrication will also embrace the Jesus mythology bunk of Zeitgeist. Yeah … there’s clear thinking for you. Real fact-based stuff.

5 Responses to “Eisenhower and ET Myth”

  • Cris Putnam says:


    The best I can find is that Michael E. Salla is promoting the idea here: Like you say the “evidence” is all circumstantial, in other words innuendo and wishful thinking. Unfortunately, Timothy Good is the main one popularizing this story. I found it in his 2008 book Need to Know and he also created a big hoopla on the BBC when he stated it as a matter of fact on a British TV show called Opinionated its here on YouTube:

  • jessinoregon says:

    Those “nordic” looking aliens are a randy bunch… LOL

  • MSH says:

    Yes; this is Salla’s bread and butter.

  • Cris Putnam says:

    But wow if you look at the “sources” Salla footnotes then even his circumstantial case falls apart. He quotes a self proclaimed clairvoyant, Gerald Light (not a great track record for these mystic guys as far as ET claims) and then footnotes it with a book by Bill Cooper …seriously?

  • MSH says:

    that’s as serious as he gets in many instances.

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