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facade_ipad_140x185The Bellingham Herald, the local newspaper in my neck of the woods, ran an article on me today (you have to love the rocket behind me in the picture). The interview with Michelle Nolan was a lot of fun. It was fascinating — she’s a veritable walking encyclopedia on the history of comic books and science fiction. We tried to focus on several of the ideas in The Facade. I actually got several good trajectories for the sequel, The Portent, from the interview.

I hope readers will check it out!

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2 Responses to “Facade Special Edition and Mike Heiser in the Bellingham Herald”

  • kennethos says:

    Funny…this is the first time I’ve seen you referred to as a “UFOlogist”! Kind of wish more of the conversation could have been included…it sounds like the article only covered a small segment of the discussion.
    Btw, the comments of the article were equally interesting (on the “entertainment” side).

  • Free says:

    Great, funny article! Nerd Fameous…ha
    You have my wheels turning already with the preview. Can’t wait…need a proofreader? Do you have PDFs available of your old papers, I’d love to go read them soon, some of your titles just crack me up!

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