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This post appeared yesterday and was kindly brought to my attention: “An Orthodox Christian Perspective on UFOs and Close Encounters“ (ht: Phil).  It’s a clear, concise overview. Two items of note: (1) I wish the author had included citations for the all the quotations in it (he does so with most of them) and (2) the take of the author is oriented only toward the occult view — the clear occult connections to UFO sightings and beliefs. I’ve of course had lots to say in that regard, but readers know that I think other options are on the table, and no one explanation provides the answer to the entirety of the UFO / Close Encounter issue. Please have a look; it’s a worthwhile piece.

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4 Responses to “ET Meets the Christian East”



    Hi Jessie,

    I have only read a couple of Fr Seraphim quotes. That being said these accounts are defiantly demonic in nature however they are also real events at the same time whether they physically occur or are imagined. Jesus (Yashua) talked about the End of This Current Earth Age events using words like ‘Lying Signs and Wonders,” “End Time Delusion of Mankind.” So when we combine all that we know with what Jesus (Yashua) seems to be saying; it is clear that we are BEING SCAMMMED, not just by aliens but by the “Powers that Be” aka Global Elite AshkeNAZIM and Sephardic bloodline controllers and their secret and hidden agenda’s. It is clear that part of their SCAM is to convince humanity that aliens created human beings when in fact they were the INTELLIGENT DESIGNERS WHO ENGAGED IN ARTIFICAL INSEMINATION AND CLONING INSTEAD. As technically advanced as people think they are THEY CAN NOT CREATE HUMAN BEINGS, THEY ARE THE HYBRID CLONERS. Of course these Demonic beings have advanced technology but THAT’S IT. They can flit and fly in the skies, abduct people both physically and mentally and play with us as if we are lab rats, but here is what people forget. THEY ARE THE BAD GUYS that appear to be part of an over all SCAM AGAINST MANKIND.

    Our eyes are opening now. More people are coming aboard regarding their SCAMS that are being played out in the skies, on the ground and inside the earth and other DARK DIMENSIONS. We all FORGET TO REMEMBER that someone or some thing has kept them at bay. Let’s call it the GOD FACTOR. It is apparent that they have destroyed the surface of other planets in our solar system but NOT THE EARTH, NOT YET AND I DON’T THINK EVER. We have so much going for us as human beings and if you read what the ancient say you will discover that these entities were originally created to WATCH OVER MANKIND NOT TO MINGLE WITH MANKIND. Some kind of a mutiny happened and some became evil and broke the rules. They operate in and out of our three-dimensional world and can play dark mind games with people using technology that we are slowly discovering ourselves. THEY LOOSE IN THE END REMEMBER THAT. THE “GOD FORCE” STEPS IN AND MANKIND WILL WIN IN THE END.

  • Dr. Heiser,

    Thanks for the link. All of the citations are from the latest edition of Fr Seraphim Rose’s Orthodoxy and the Religion of the Future (Link:, which was originally published in 1975. Fr Seraphim reposed in 1982, and was a priest-monk at the monastery in Platina, California. He is venerated by many in the Orthodox church worldwide (some believe he will be recognized as a Saint), and his books are extremely popular in Slavic countries. My copy is packed away at the moment, or I could look up any specific requests for you — sorry about that.

    If you take his argument (and book) as a whole, he is mostly responding to a lot of the “new age” and eastern spirituality that had become popular in the US in the 70′s (when he wrote the book), and the UFO/abduction phenomena was one of those topics he chose to cover. I think his main concern is the spiritual effects of such encounters, and not necessarily whether or not there could be aliens or if these events really did or did not happen. Rather, how do they either lead someone to Christ, or distract them away from focusing on him?

    Thanks again for the comments!

  • DK says:

    Well, of course there is no true ET, but the demonic “big light show” can certainly be mind blowing. Experience can be an overwhelming thing.

    I’ve read that secular researchers have concluded that most of space is just too irradiated for life to exist and that IF there are other races in our galaxy of between 100 and 400 million stars, then A: there might only be 100-150 races AND, assuming such races existed, they would be TOO FAR APART to EVER make contact with each other.

    SOOOO even if true ETs really did exist out there, (and of course they do not) we’d NEVER see or hear from them…

  • MSH says:

    sure thing – I was wondering specifically about the bibliography comment. It will be nice to meet you soon as well. Congrats on the job!

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